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  1. Frostwolf

    Not a good start Directv (kinda long)

    OK, heres my story as short as possible. Dish screwed up the 508 boxes firmware. Wouldn't replace them both, wanted to charge me for a second replacement box. My friend (with a Tivo unit with Directv) said he has never had problems with his R10. So I researched this model and decided on going...
  2. Frostwolf

    DIY HDTV antenna

    Found this OTA HD do it yourself antenna. Maybe someone here can use this. my fav is this one
  3. Frostwolf

    DeFranco sells $39 million in stock

    Maybe I missed this in another thread, if so I'm sorry,2777,DRMN_23910_5274032,00.html
  4. Frostwolf

    petition dish to allow disabling VOD

    This affects Sky Angel viewers using Dish Recievers that get the VOD service. I have started a petition to have dish network include an option in the setup menu to disable Video on Demand downloads Help Spread the word please. Please...
  5. Frostwolf

    do you want to disable VOD?

    Ok, after having nothing but trouble with Dish's VOD software on my 508's. And not wanting the 508s to die becuase the HD is running 24/7. I have started a petition to have dish network include an option in the setup menu to disable Video on Demand downloads...
  6. Frostwolf

    free ppv? pvr508

    I've been having problems where it doesn't record timers still, but this is a new one. On my pvr list I have "The Ant Bully" recorded from 11:30 to 1pm on VOD channel 5822 today (29th). My wife and I are sure we didn't set it. I have a password on it so it can't be accidently selected. And it...
  7. Frostwolf

    What does P3.60 software bring for 508's

    Does it fix the lockups? Does it fix the Constant HD running? Does it include NBR? Does it fix missing timers? Will it let you turn off VOD? Does anyone have this yet? its listed as being released 08-04-06 I hope it does all of the above. I'm losing sleep because of the HD running and runnning...
  8. Frostwolf

    v309 problems on 508/510

    Ok, I've missed a lot of posts. so If I'm repeating , I'm sorry. First noticed bug. Pressing info button gives you a title bar that say no info available or something like that, but pressing guide first and then info shows correct info. Then just pressing info gives the no info again...
  9. Frostwolf

    110 problems

    110 problems being looked at, please post info I came home both my 508's cannot lock on 110 sat. Check switch on both fail for 110. My 4900 is working fine with 110. I switched the 4900 and the 508 in the living room, performed a check switch. The 4900 is working fine where the 508 won't, and...
  10. Frostwolf

    Thank you dish for Fox News

    I woke up this morning to find that 209 MSNBC is gone and 205 Fox News is active. I hope this is Permanent. Anyone else know anything about the change? Thanks Dish, I hate CNN's lies.
  11. Frostwolf

    18 more days to get NBR on 508's

    Is dish going to make the deadline for NBR on the 508/510's? Of course I'd be happy to get the bugs out they've introduced over the summer, Pixilization, Jumping Cursor movement. I've not had any problems with lockups or black screens since the last update. 18 more days for Dish to make...
  12. Frostwolf

    CD music channels deactivated

    I just tried to tune in some music channels, and they are now red, I only have the top 60 package, but I used to recieve the CD channels. Anyone else missing them?
  13. Frostwolf

    New Dish Home bug?

    Ok I've duplicated this several times now. I have dvr-508. Version p302 firmware. Problem: all video locks up on dish home, sound works fine, even between the prozen video feeds. How to duplicate: press dish button or goto channel 100, select 1 for service, then press 4 for customer...