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    can Beyonwiz 4 channel tuner PVR works with Dish receiver? this unit can record 4 channels, but it's in Australia, do we need to sort out some kind of compatible issue on these tuner? So if we connects the HDMI Out of a Dish receiver such as VIP 222, to the HDMI In of this box, can we record 4...
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    Can you temporary close your account for a few months?

    say if you were going oversea for a few months, or may be 9 months or even longer, and I've no contracts and on month to month, can I pause (temporary close) the account? And what do I have to do when I login? Because I don't want to totally close out my account, I could be leaving oversea for...
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    Is there a difference between dish network co-ax cable vs. some premium co-ax

    The cables that I have says "Dish Network RG-59/U coaxial cable" But now I bought a Hopper, is there some better cable that can make a difference in viewing? Or is the above RG-59/U good enough?
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    How do you add the hopper on my account?

    I login, then went to My Equipment. It shows my current receiver. But there is no button that says Add receiver, shouldn't there be a page for you to add or replace your current receiver?
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    Single Mode or Dual Mode still yields the same channel

    I unplug the Dish VIP 222 receiver for about 1 day due to a paint job. When I re-connect, whether I'm at Single TV mode or 2 different channel (Dual Mode) mode, I only get the SAME channel. Supposedly at Dual mode, you can view 1 channel at TV1 and record a different channel at TV2. Somehow...
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    Various Questions about Hopper and Joey, please advise

    1) How many channel can Hopper record WITHOUT Super Joey? Is it just 2? because it says it can record up to 8 channels with Super Joey, but it doesn't say how many channel it can record without SUper Joey. 2) If you do need up to 8 channels, do you have to buy Super Joey? Or can Joey work...
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    what is the difference between ViP 722K vs. DuoDVR 625?

    I can't find the spec. of DuoDVR 625, so I can't compare I find the spec. of the 722 I found this, but again, it doesn't talk about the 625 And what does Joey do...
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    Does VIP 622 or 722 record in HD or SD? does VIP 622 or 722 record shows in HD or SD? Also, I'm not clear on this, from the above link: Watch one show while recording another at the same time Watch a pre-recorded show while recording two separate shows at the...
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    Can't see 1 chnl. at 1 tuner, but I can see it in another tuner at Dual tuner VIP 222

    In the past few weeks, on my VIP 222, which is a dual tuner box, I can see a certain channel in 1 of the tuner, but not the other. For e.g., say today, I am watch HD SciFi 122 at tuner 1. Now, I also wanted to tape SciFi HD 122 at my 2nd tuner. But it says complete signal loss. Now, how can...
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    Did the basic package (Bronze) or American 120 price go up AGAIN?

    it used to be $39.99, did the price jump to 46.99? and what can we do to cut back further? Can I cancel 1/2 a month? If I cancel 1/2 a month every so often, how much do I save?
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    Timer is not working anymore

    I have a ongoing timer that record a certain show weekly, mon to fri. It was working under dish decided to flash the firmware last week. I know they upgrade the firmware, as in the old days, they have start timer 1 min. early, now they have start timer 1 min. early, end timer 3 min. late. For...
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    Unable to view the edges of HD channels

    under the actual dot by dot mode: Connect from satellite box directly from HDMI output to the HDMI of the LCD. At aspect ratio of 16 x 9, I missed all the edges on HD channels. (top, bottom, left, and right) So I switch it to 4x3, and I gained back all the edges. But as soon as I switch from...
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    Quick question on cancel my subscription

    what is the best day to cancel my subscription? Say my invoice is sent out on the 15th, if I cancel 1 of my subscription, should I do it just before the 15th? Otherwise, is the cancellation pro-rated? in other words, doesn't matter what date you cancel it?
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    Which movies package comes with HD, and which movies package does not?

    With HD, you paid the extra $10 / month, but isn't it true that some movie package already come with HD in its whole set? I'm interested in HBO and ShowTime. is the entire HD channel come with HBO and Showtime? Or do you have to pay the extra $10 on top?
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    2 quick questions on Dish monthly fee

    1) I notice there is a $5 receiver fee on my bill, and I definitely don't have that back in 2009. Now I own my receiver, I paid for it, so what's this $5 for? 2) Just like most of you, I subscribe to paperless billing, what channel do you get from that? Is it just 340, or do you get 327 as well?
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    Strange remote control mal-function problem

    On the VIP 222, the 2nd remote control that I use, for days, without touching the remote control as it was sitting on the table, somehow it acts as if some1 is touching it. At the beginning, I thought it's myself who accidentally touches the buttons, but it seems odd as I don't think I did. So...
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    VIP 222 won't see satellite 129

    I am posting this on behalf of an older couple who apparently still doesn't have something called the internet. They have a VIP 222 (silver) and 1000.4 western arc. The installer peaked 119, found all the channels in 119 and 110, but the receiver is not seeing any channel under 129. In the...
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    How much signal loss will be for a satellite dish mesh cover?

    and what are the advantage of using a cover?
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    what is the difference between HD vs. HD premium?

    On the upgrade path, they have $10 to upgrade to HD, then there is another $10 to upgrade to HD Premium or was it HD Platinum (I can't remember the exact name) What's this 2nd $10 for? And what is the difference between HD vs. HD premium? As I go thru their web site, they didn't mention what...
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    weak signal on some channels, will an amplifier works?

    On some days, not often, at some channels such as transponder 8, I got weak signal strength around 13. Of course, at the same time, some other channels is sitting at signal strength of 28. Usually, this is cause by fog or weather. But today, the weather is good, and yet I got weak signal on...