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    Lost HD on reactivated receiver

    I recently activated a HR-21 700 receiver and i get all sd channels but no Hd channels. My setup is two Hr-21 coming from slimline-3s (SWM) going through a 4 way splitter to the receivers. The other Hr-21 receives HD and Sd fine, when i check the sat signals the one receiver sees the 101, 99 ...
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    Does anyone know what satellite and transponders the Johnstown/ Altoona Pa. HD and SD locals are on? thanks for any help. Pajer
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    Help On Dtv Self Install

    I am self install for my direct tv service and my fathers service. first home: hd dvr hr-21 to just one tv. i am subscribing to hd and the pittsburgh hd and sd locals. i'm assuming i need a slimline dish, i am not sure what type of switch i will need for this install. second install...
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    Is your local RSN included in Direct TV's packages?

    Is your local RSN included in Direct TV's packages or do you have to subscribe to the sports pack to get it? Thanks, pajer
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    Direct tv online system builder says i need 2 dishes?

    I am thinking of switching to dtv from dish, when i build my system online it says the 5 lnb slimline dish and 1 additional dish. i am getting the premier package with hd and sd locals (johnstown/altoona, pa) what is the need for the second dish and what dish and which programming will be on it...
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    Echostar / At&t Deal Imminent ? Echostar Stock Up Over 10% Today!!

    Is a Echostar / AT&t deal imminent ?, Echostar's stock is up over 10% today!! Somethings cooking and it aint up because of a new HD channel to be announced today.
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    Need Advice On Aio Printer !!

    I am looking at getting a new aio printer and i am looking for recommendations for one. Some of the main requirements are: it has to have fax built in, ethernet port for networking, low cost for ink, this is for home use so a heavy duty one is not a neccesity, fairly good speed for text and...
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    Friday The 13th Cinemax Hd Suprise? No, But a May 4th Debut!

    well, dish gave us a Good Friday suprise by adding a rsn, will they now give us a Friday the 13th suprise by turning on Cinemax HD? Come on Charlie, DO IT!
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    Called And Complained About Price Increase! Great Results!!

    I just called and complained to dish about the 10.00 increase to us that had the platinum hd package, since i am one of dish's " best customers" the csr immediately offered me a 20.00 per month programming credit for the next year or a total of 240.00 and i did not even mention about switching...
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    Woke Up This Morning And My Distants Are Gone!!!

    woke up this morning and my ny & la distants are gone! only thing on is 240 & 250 for the save my channels loop. why a month early?
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    118.75 & 119 Together?

    i currently have a seperate dish 500 dish pointed at each of the 119, 110 & 61.5 sats, (for signal strength and spot beam reasons). would i be able to use the dish that is pointed at the 119 and also pick up the 118.75 if i were to get a different lnb for it or will i have to get a dish 500+...
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    Dish 500 Or Dish 1000?

    Which dish would be better at picking up spotbeams at zip 15845 from the 119 and 110 sat's, the dish 500 or dish 1000? thanks, pajer
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    Pittsburgh Hd Locals

    Scott, you had reported from team summit that the Pittsburgh HD locals were uplinked to 118.7, but i have not seen any uplink reports showing this to be true, any new info on when they might be available and on which satellite. thanks, pajer
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    Mlb Extra Innings

    When in the season will dish lower the price of MLB extra innings, and with past seasons what has been the price? thanks, pajer
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    Ota Hd Johnstown/altoona Pa Antenna With 622

    i am looking at getting an ota antenna to pick up the following hd stations with an ota antenna and my 622 any recommendations would be appreciated. I input my coordinates and here is what i got: wpsx 15 11 miles 182 deg. watm 24 49 miles 173 deg. wtaj 32 49 miles 173 deg. wjac 34 70...
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    Pittsburgh Hd Locals?

    i see the pittsburgh hd locals are going to be included in the next release of hd locals, which satellite will these be on and when is it expected to take place? thanks, pajer
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    129 Satellite, which dish?

    i currently have a dish 1000 pointed at 119 with 110% signal, 110 with 100% signal and 129 with 50% signal. i have a spare 500 dish i can mount higher on my house to try to get better signal on 129. my question is which dish should i mount at the higher spot on the house to try to get a...
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    Nyc Hd Locals?

    what sat are the nyc hd locals and the washington, dc hd locals on and are they spot beam? also , what has the quality of the channels been?
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    ? on Dish MLB Extra Innings

    if i were to subscribe to Dish's MLB extra innings, is it true that the games are basically feeds from the Regonal Sports Network that is carrying the game and if so will i also have the channel 24/7 during baseball season or do you just get the game and then they turn the channel off till the...
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    622 & hdmi = no picture or sound

    everything was working fine with my 622 outputting to component and hdmi. but now am not getting any video or sound through the hdmi cable. i checked the cable as i used with my dvd player and it works fine, but can not get it to work from 622 to t.v. , checked for loose cables, etc. everything...