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    Use existing WiFi network to link remote TV?

    I'm a prospective DirecTV customer. I've got a remote barn that's linked to the house via high speed WiFi bridging. Can I use that existing WiFi to link a TV in the barn to a DirecTV DVR in the house? Thanks
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    Can Joey use my home's existing WiFi network?

    I'm looking to do a new Dish install at a friend's farm, which has a remote barn connected by existing high speed wireless network bridging. The links would be too far for the Dish Hopper/Joey WiFi. Can the Hopper/Joey be configured to use the existing premises WiFi for streaming etc? I...
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    Please Help with Wireless Joey connection

    I'm staying in a guest cottage with a wireless Joey connected to the owner's Dish system. There's also a WiFi network on the property. My wireless Joey has lost connection. After a restart, it is stuck on the "Connect to WAP" screen and wants someone to push the WPS button. However, I...
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    Don't Look Now but FS1 is back

    Am I the only one surprised to find a live and functioning FS1 right now?
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    Viewing constantly interrupted by Partial Signal Loss, code 00-00-00

    ESPN and CNN keep dropping out with the Partial Signal Loss screen, error code 00-00-00, on this overcast morning in Albany NY. What's particularly bothersome is the blue screen persists until I take action with the remote control. I'm not even sure the signal loss screen pertains to the...
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    Zinger after a vacation pause on my account

    10+ year Dish customer here. I put my account on pause before leaving on a two-month vacation. They now refuse to honor my previous $7 monthly DVR fee, and will bump it to $15. I'm not a happy camper and told them to leave the account on pause while I decide whether to continue with Dish or...
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    Remove TV2 from 722K?

    Can someone please tell me how to remove all references to TV2 from my new replacement 722K? I only have a single TV with a TV1 remote. My new replacement 722K seems to think I've got two TV/remotes. Thanks
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    Does your 722K occasionally refuse to play the last part of a recording?

    I'm wondering if other 722K owners are still seeing this issue that was first reported many years ago. It just happened to me the other night when trying to watch my primetime Olympics recording. It got about halfway through and then skipped to the end and stopped. I started viewing it again...
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    ESPN HD satellite/transponder?

    I'm in NY with a TurboHD dish. Can anyone confirm that receive ESPN HD (9424) on satellite 72.7 TP13? I get occasional breakup and wanted to peak the signal by tweaking the dish pointing. Thanks
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    Loss of 110/119 signal

    With my Dish 500, I've just lost my 110 and 119 signals. 72 and 61.5 are fine. Everything I've tried inside the house hasn't helped. I was wondering if it could simply be a bad cable outside. Do those signals travel down separate cables from the LNB's? Could it simply be a bad cable or...
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    How do you check info on when the last firmware update was (722K)?

    Can someone please tell me how I can display when the last firmware update occurred? I'm looking for the date it occurred, not just the current rev level. Two days ago my 722K suddenly starting pausing/skipping during playback. I can't watch a single recording without this happening every few...
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    Help finding HBO On Demand

    I found this yesterday no problem via DVR menu on my 722K but today I simply can't find it. If someone could please help out, I'd really appreciate the step-by-step in accessing HBO On Demand on the 722K. TIA
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    Getting TV2 UHF remote to work with 722K/single TV

    I was using my TV2 UHF remote with my 722K and single TV for the past two years with no problem. Dish just replaced my 722K, I"m trying to get my setup running like before but Dish tech support chat tells me TV2 UHF remote can't work with 722K/single TV. ARGHHHH! Can anybody out there please...
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    My 722K has suddenly gone south in past two days - freezes during playback and reboots itself

    Seems like yesterday my 722K started acting very flakey. In the past two hours, it has rebooted itself 4 times after DVR playback froze. If I go back to the same recording that froze and play it again, it freezes at the same point and reboots again. Is anybody else seeing similar behavior...
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    No Free Showtime Preview this weekend?

    DirecTV and Fios both have free Showtime previews this weekend. Dish is not?
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    Old link to online dvr access?

    All my browser bookmarks were lost. Can someone please help by posting the link to the old style Web site to access your dvr (722K) online, i.e. NOT TIA
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    Full Screen Program Guide no longer an option - thanks Dish!

    All of a sudden today, my 722K displayed a Program Guide Banner and it wouldn't shut off even when I set Preferences-ProgramGuide-Banner Off. Instead of the guide screen being 100% channel rows, I now have 60% channel rows (7 rows) plus a banner consisting of highlighted program info (top left)...
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    Why is ESPN pic cut off?

    sorry - format button on remote fixed the problem
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    Why is Sat night ESPN2 game "not available in your area"?

    When I try to set up a recording for Sat night ESPN2 college fb game, it says "program not available for viewing in your area". Huh? What's going on here? I believe the game is Texas v Texas Tech.
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    ESPN pic cut off at bottom

    I've been noticing this for a few days now. ESPN has a bottom pane with scrolling text in the picture. I'm seeing perhaps 10-15% of the text cut off on the bottom edge. At first I thought it was my TV, but I went through the vertical size/position adjustments and the TV is fine - it's being...