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  1. akodoreign

    CMDY ?? is it a preview week for it?

    Was noticing I had CMDY last night. Is it a preview week for it, or are they getting ready to light it up HD << HD absolute package, so was just curious
  2. akodoreign

    I present to you the worst team in the NFL : My St. louis rams.

    You know whats sad. I have tickets for Nov 2nd and I am more excited to go there and see if Warner can light my boys up. Sorry they should have benched the coach not Bulger. I'm not saying Green is a bad QB, I just worry about his health...
  3. akodoreign

    MS sells out of Xbox360s.... IN Japan?

    Only In Japan: Japan Is TOTALLY Sold Out of Xbox 360s (New Shipment Next Month!) There is a snowball somewhere that isn't melting.
  4. akodoreign

    Sony press conference

    Did they counter with anything? Just Kidding. I'll give the kudos for 256 instanced game. (sorry missed that one in the blogs)
  5. akodoreign

    Square Suspends FFXIII versus

    To concentrate on FFXIII base game Final Fantasy XIII » Versus » Agito ~ Mean while they plan on releasing 3-4 Xbox 360 RPGs Including Star Ocean 4 as a 360 exclusive. Square Enix: 'No Plans' for Star Ocean 4 on PS3 | Game | Life from Is the difficult to...
  6. akodoreign

    Seattle releases Alexander.

    top of - Official Site of the National Football League Seattle releases Alexander . I am not shocked, but at the same time I am a little surprised.
  7. akodoreign

    Sony not betting the farm on BD now. Offer xbox style video market place.

    Bad news for all HDM supporters IMHO. LA Times: PS3 video service 'to embrace open standards,' PSP supported - Joystiq
  8. akodoreign

    Sharp Audio Died

    :(:( Well my LC-37sh2OU Audio stopped outputting all together. I tried reseting the Audio to factory default. I tried using the Audio output on it to go to a receiver. I tried all the inputs to make sure nothing was giving me audio. Well at least I bought the Sam's Club Service plan on...
  9. akodoreign

    Sony: BD to stay high, We can't meet demands.

    MAXCONSOLE - Playstation 3 - Blu-ray disc prices to stay at a premium as Sony struggle to meet demand :(
  10. akodoreign

    Truth about PS3 game installs. (not negitive news, just why it is done)

    MTV Multiplayer » The Mystery Behind PlayStation 3’s Sometimes Mandatory Installations Thoughts / Opinions?
  11. akodoreign

    Here It comes again : 360 with BD in 2008

    Next generation Xbox 360 with built-in Blu-ray coming in 2008? - Engadget Now this comes from engadget who has been marking April fools jokes very carefully. Just a reminder to nay-sayers, MS denied the existence of the Elite for 6 months before It came out. First Xbox 360 Elite pics? Nope...
  12. akodoreign

    EA: turns hostle

    IGN: EA Turning Hostile EA Turning Hostile Take-Two bid taking shape. by Martin Robinson, IGN UK UK, March 13, 2008 - EA's lust for Take-Two is reaching feverish proportions, its advances on the GTA publisher turning increasingly aggressive as it launches an offer for all...
  13. akodoreign

    Official: the talks are on MS talks to Sony about BD drive.

    From: / Technology - Sony, Microsoft discuss Blu-ray for Xbox 360 Sony is in talks with console rival Microsoft about offering a Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360, according to a senior executive. The Japanese electronics maker has until now touted Blu-ray as an advantage its...
  14. akodoreign

    Anyone notice that BD advertising has fallen drasticly the last few weeks.

    A few weeks ago on any channel I would see a PS3 or BD ad. Last few weeks though I haven't seen any or very few. Come one BDA don't get arrogant now that HD-DVD has fallen. (btw saw 10 x more advertising for Beowolf HD-DVD directors cut than BD this week).
  15. akodoreign

    Being asked else where but I thought I would post here : Super Heroes

    Trixie over at xbox forums asked. his March on will be SuperMarch... a celebration of all the heroes of videogames, super and otherwise. We want to know: Who is the best Super Hero? What is the coolest Super Power? What character should be promoted from Hero to Superhero? What is...
  16. akodoreign

    LoL, 360 arcade RRoD out of the box.

    Just picked one up for a friend (he has been working around the house for me). Got to go exchange it. Was RRoD right out of the box. WTG MS another crappy design flaw. Well can't say that I don't bash both sides.
  17. akodoreign

    MS to Sony : share the specs or we will sue ya!

    A twist of Irony that led to my laughter. MAXCONSOLE - XBOX 360 - Rumor: MS insider on Xbox 360 & Blu-ray "On to HD-DVD v Blu-ray. MS opposed Blue Ray because Sony supported it, plain and simple. I was in the room when the decision was made. But they hedged their bets by making the Media...
  18. akodoreign

    HD-DVD casualty report.

    HD DVD casualty report: over 1m players, recorders, and drives lost to the format war - Engadget At all curious to find out just how rare that HD DVD player of yours really is? Well, we hate to tell you, but it's probably not rare enough to fetch anything special on eBay in a couple of years...
  19. akodoreign

    MS to buy Epic

    MAXCONSOLE - XBOX 360 - Microsoft to buy Epic Games for $1 billion? The latest issue of Gamepro magazine says that “Microsoft will buy Epic Games for $1 billion this summer.” MS paid Epic millions of dollars to develop 'Gears of War' in November of 2006 for the Xbox 360 platform. The two...
  20. akodoreign

    Its back - MS is rumored to have a working in house BD drive ready to roll by May

    Xbox 360 Blu-ray player rumor returns right on cue - Engadget Guess I'll be purple in about 2 months :D:up