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  1. Digital Logic

    4dtv receiver located in Norwalk, CA

    i just got back from the 2nd hand store, Habitat for Humanity in Norwalk, across from Cerritos College. and i spotted a 4dtv receiver for $150. unfortunately, i didn't get a model # but it's a motorola receiver. anyone that's local to the area should check it out.
  2. Digital Logic

    dish farm at Mt. San Antonio College

    for any of you hobbyists that live in Southern CA, here's a few pics of Mt. SAC's dish farm on top of one of their buildings. i couldn't get too close due to cell antennas in the area and i wouldn't want to disrupt the pizza service mounted low. looks like they have E*, but they had a few facing...
  3. Digital Logic

    Disgruntled DirecTV customer.

    cant say enough that im so glad i dumped D*. my sig pretty much says it all!
  4. Digital Logic

    is DirecTV messing with me?

    i know the title seems a bit far fetched but a couple of months ago, i was having problems with my DRD485RG, having to reset & reauth. it almost everyday. Finally that problem disappeared. now the problem im having is im having to reset my H21 everyday because my HD satellites are disappearing...
  5. Digital Logic

    problems with RCA DRD receiver

    Has anyone been losing channels on their RCA DRD series receivers lately? I've had to reauthorize & reset one receiver in my house 3 times in the last 2 weeks, twice this past weekend. Is it time to bite the bullet & upgrade to a D12?
  6. Digital Logic

    odd Verizon FiOS question

    I have FiOS and I want to ask other users a question. Preferably ones with dogs. Do your dogs react to possible signal emissions from your RG-6 line? I've got my line running down a wall to get under the house to the main router but until recently, one of my pups has been chewing that line...
  7. Digital Logic

    Vent pipe install

    Im getting closer and closer to mounting my 76cm dish on my rooftop, instead of messing around with it on the ground, a few feet away from my neighbor's place. I currently have a AU-9 dish mounted on a vent pipe that seems to be doing a good job. If i were to do the same to my FTA dish (if the...
  8. Digital Logic

    Locals ID'ed by Call letters?

    before LA locals that weren't ID'ed by call letters were SD versions, but it seems that all my locals are now ID'ed on the guide with call letters. did we just get more? i noticed KMEX 34 is now HD but the others look the same.
  9. Digital Logic

    Stuttering on Animal Planet HD?

    I've been watching Animal Planet for a bit tonight and I'm getting stutters every few minutes. Just tried a reauthorization and its still occuring. anyone else having issues? im on a H21 with an AU9 5LNB standard dish.
  10. Digital Logic

    how to deal with rain fade...

    just had to share that with everyone. :D
  11. Digital Logic

    Standalone DVD Recorder & IDE/ATAPI DVD+RW drive

    So, here's my dilemma... I recently got my hands on a Go Video standalone DVD Recorder. The drive inside the player will read DVD+R's and +RW's. Only thing is that it won't recognize any blank +R or +RW media that I threw at it. I then decided to have a look at its insides and lo and behold...
  12. Digital Logic

    Sunday Ticket & Superfan FREE TRIAL on 9/13

    I just got a message on my receiver stating that ch. 700-718 are open this Sunday. Are they completely serious?!
  13. Digital Logic

    h21-100 & diplexer

    I recently made a DIY antenna that works really well & picks up all the OTA stuff on my TV. So, i figured with that said & done, I could implement 2 diplexers on my satellite line and setup this antenna on my roof for optimal reception. I have a 5 LNB Slimline dish (standard, not SWM) i...
  14. Digital Logic

    AM21 & H21-100

    Is anyone testing this on CE firmware? Haven't picked one up yet, but i wanted to see what kind of results you guys are getting with it on the H21-100.
  15. Digital Logic

    Billing issue: Moving soon...

    I'm currently in the process of moving to a new house and i am not considering adding a phone line, mainly because my fiance and I both use our cells as our primary lines. am I going to have to shell out $ because one of my recievers need to be plugged into a phone line? I have a couple of...
  16. Digital Logic

    Sunday Ticket preorder?

    Are there any details for this year's NFL Sunday Ticket? And what's the best way to get a good deal from DirecTV? this would be my 1st year and i'd like to be able to get the best price possible.
  17. Digital Logic

    Help with upcoming Pacquiao/De La Hoya PPV

    I have an H21 receiver an old RCA receiver that i keep for an old set. My folks want to order the fight & have relatives come and watch it, but seeing as how i won't be home and dont have any DVR's, I want to go the old route of recording it to my VCR and watch it when i get home, or even the...
  18. Digital Logic

    H21-100 Dolby Digital issue

    This originally started out as an issue with my Playstation 3's audio output. It can only output Dolby Digital/DTS thru its HDMI or Optical Outs, and not both at the same time. So everytime i wanted to watch something at night, and not disturb others in the house, i'd have to change the output...
  19. Digital Logic

    Los Angeles subscribers/installers, I could use some help!

    I had my Slimline installed by a DTV tech, mainly because it was a free upgrade when i got my H21-100. When it came time for my brother to upgrade to the Slimline, he'd asked for my help, seeing as how he didn't want to wait for the tech to come and do it, let alone mount it where he didn't...
  20. Digital Logic

    PPV: Casamayor vs. Marquez

    I just looked up the ordering info for this fight on the site and they're only advertising the SD feed. Do they not offer all the HBO PPV fights in HD or is that only reserved for high demand fights?