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    MLB Extra Innings

    Ok, that's what I did last season I ordered mlb tv. I watched it on my PS3 and laptop, I was just hoping they would have it on dish. thanks
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    MLB Extra Innings

    Does anyone know if Dish will be offering the MLB package next season? I was upset when I realized this past season that it was not available and had to watch most of the games that I wanted to see on my computer :mad:
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    Anyone order the TNA Wrestling PPV and have audio drop out/pixalation

    i watched it online and there was problems with it but I figured it was just the streamer
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    3 Months free Starz & HD Platinum

    this is so strange, I had no problem getting Starz free :/
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    3 Months free Starz & HD Platinum

    I just went on the chat and complained about missing Sons Of Anarchy. The guy offered me 3 free ppvs and I said that would not satisfy me so he offered free HD Plat for 3 months, I told him that I already pay for that. Then I told him that I was aware of a promotion they had going on that...
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    How are you going to watch Sons of Anarchy Tonight?

    it's live here RACE FANS ONLY on
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    How are you going to watch Sons of Anarchy Tonight?

    any idea how long it's gonna be until we get FX back? If I call and complain to dish would I get a discount on my bill maybe or something? I have the gold package and plat HD -_-
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    How are you going to watch Sons of Anarchy Tonight?

    omg, where can I watch sons of anarchy online tonight? I just found out that I don't have FX anymore and SOA is one of my favorite shows. . . .
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    Post your PS3 network name

    PSN id: KillaCam86 Games I play online: Modern Warfare 2 Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Madden 2010 Midnight Club LA Killzone 2 Call of Juarez War Hawk Socom
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    Tony Hawk RIDE

    in a review I read about this game they said that the tricks are way to hard to do and your ankles will hurt after playing for about an hour lol, plus they mentioned that it is very over priced. Xplay said pretty much the same thing, I will just stick to Skate 2 for my skating fix
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    Bad Company 2

    i got the beta for PS3, it's pretty cool but I prefer MW2 so far
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    PS3 Premium Online Services

    doubt it will happen, One of the buying points for PS3 is the fact that online is free and it has been said before that they wouldn't ever charge for it.
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    I just got this today for PS3, It's really good so far, I just did the part where you go out into the "wilds" and have to bring back the blood and treaties. I'm Human Noble lol, so far I am liking it more that I did Oblivion. I have BG I and II, Icewindale and Neverwinter Nights I & II so I...
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    Assassin's Creed 2

    I have it for PS3 and haven't noticed any issues.
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    my PS3 has frozen a few times on other games but never over and over again in the same exact part
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    Help getting online with COD 2 MW X360

    I play MW2 online on PS3 and it only takes like 5 seconds if that to find a match...
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    Fight Network

    thats what I meant, at least I can still see ROH on HD Net
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    HDMI cable with HD upgrade?

    mine came with an HDMI cable. the guy just installed it and plugged one in and it was a Dish Network guy.
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    Fight Network

    Well at least I still get to see Ring Of Honor....
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    Dragon Age: Origins

    I want to get this, I have played Baulders Gate I & II, Icewindale, Neverwinter Nights I&II. I'm not sure if I will get it for PC or my PS3 though. I know its better on PC but I like to play sitting on my couch on my HD TV rather than my laptop.