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    Is there a place 2 buy a dish 500

    Is ther a place to buy a dish 500 for about $10.00 someone stole my LNBs and dish 1000 can you use a directv
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    Help only see 110 on the dish 1000

    Help only can see 110 on the 119 side of dish 100 when i put the a sinlge LNB on the 110 side i see nothing:confused: could it be a bad lnbs
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    How Do you find 61.5 with a dish 1000

    How do you find 61.5 with dish 1000 my zip is 85542 i put an lnb where it said 119 but still can't find it, i dont have i dish 500 or dish 300:confused:
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    how much does it costs to transfer

    how much does it cost to transfer sevices to a new radio this is for sirius
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    Whats the lastest software for the H20

    Whats the lastest software for the H20:bounce
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    Any new Software for the D11-100 and the D11-500

    Any new software for the D11-100 , D11-500 and the H20-500 i tryed searching for the info and cant seem to find anything about an update
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    does anyone have Project myworld

    does anyone have project Myworld and how many episod does it have i have 1-8, it just shows up on the dvr or rec it self how do you delete it
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    It's Snowing here In Peridot,Arizona

    It's Snowing here in Peridot but no cam to take pics
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    What kind of lnb can you use

    :what What kind of LNB can you use for 121* and 118* satelllite can a directv work or a universel
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    Can u use 2 Dpp lnbfs to see 3 to 4 satellite

    Can you use 2 Dish Pro Plus LNB's to see 3 to four satellites without the switch also can you use a directv dishor lnbs
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    Whats Game Lounge About

    What's Game lounge About
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    so called cable lineup

    here the cable channel lineup for the san carlos,AZ area
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    Help on activing R15

    Help On activing R15 directv wont let me active a New Recevier account missing ,unknown account the phones( 18003473288, 18008429081, 1800531500) don't work any other numbers ?
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    Does Anyone have d11-100

    Does anyone have d11-100 and what the software
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    Fedex will not send me my package

    Fedex will not send me my package that i order from directv i ordered an RF remote and directv D11 they dont know wheres Peridot,AZ is I tryed calling both company's but they dont know where the packages went
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    Any directv other site links

    Any Directv Other site links
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    i have service with dish network

    I Have service with Dish network but no receiver
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    reintstall a cable line, any local techs here in az

    I need some info on reinstalling a new line the old line i tore out because there remodeling my apartment and had to move with out calling movers connection i called directv they are going too charge me $70 for the service
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    Is there any other software for the

    Is there any other software for the Samsung SIR-S70 besides 1.0.05
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    Cable is not worth having

    The Cable Company here in San Carlos , AZ is not up to standred $28.00 for only 40 channels the only pak they have here Add HBO For 12.00 for One channel Add SHOTIME For $12.00 for One channel Add TMC for $12.00 For One Channel channels some time blackout or lose channels channel are...