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    Dish Network and Tivo Settle Lawsuit!!!!

    Where is TiVo going to get funding from now?
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    Signal Strength, Lazy Installer?

    Call Dish and tell them about the two installers and the pixel problems. Your install/repoint is guaranteed for 90 days. As said above, numbers are fine, but there might be a LOS or connection problem. If you check the connections yourself, beware of the 722s connectors - it takes two...
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    1/20/2011 1:09am - Uplink Activity Report - 26 changes

    So we lost two channels for the Oprah channel? We were robbed. Either of the two lost channels had way more programming that I might watch vs. OWN that has none.
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    Can Dish erase shows?

    The episode in question was are particularly disturbing one. Council of governors, 5 emergency sectors in the US, Fusion centers, FEMA detention centers next to railroads, US gov't purchasing bulk caskets that are designed to hold 4 cadavers each,... If any of it were true, then DHS would...
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    Anyone downgrade their subscriptions and gone to NETFLIX for the movies?

    With Netflix HD downloads and PS3 app for only $8/month it is tempting. The first month is free, so you can try before you buy.
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    The quality of HD channels?

    wcnghj, you will notice the biggest difference between 720p and 1080i during live sporting events. Outside of that, not so much. Has your 722 been upgraded to mpeg4? Quickest way to check is, does it have a card in the left panel? If not, call dish and get one. Mpeg4 PQ is outstanding.
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    Set DVR to record New Episodes, but still records old epsisodes sometimes.

    Garbage in, garbage out. If you have a habitual offender, you may want to manually delete (skip) programming from the Timers menu.
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    129 with a dish500 from Florida

    I am south west of you, more than a day trip, and I can pick up a couple Orlando stations with amplified rabbit ears. When BBCA HD was rolled out Dish upgraded my dual 500s with a single Western Arc dish on an existing mast for $15. Western Arc gets 110, 119 and 129.
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    Vip 211 problem connectiong to Denon surround sound

    Refer to pages 12, 13 and 34 of the 391's Owners Manual for the solution. Most electronic error can be filed as ID.T errors. Include me in the guilty party.
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    Called Dish to Do HD Upgrade - Disappointed They CANNOT Guarantee a 722k

    Like Arjii, my installer said all they had was 722s. That was a couple of years ago.
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    If you have a modem you can use one of the many free call blocking programs available. Used to use one named PhoneTray. When telemarketers called, they were greeted with the three tones of a disconnected phone. Many VOIPs have call blockers, too.
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    Will E* carry the new Oprah Network??

    Soap opera channel, game show, channel, horse racing channel, the oprah channel? Just another number to add to the Block List.
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    The answer is maybe. Some USB sticks work, some don't. Had an RJ45 WAP that was flaky. Replaced it with a TrendNet 642 gaming adapter. After upgrading the firmware it has been bullet proof, while the new software is flaky. You can find them online for $30 delivered. Maybe not today, but at...
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    besides red zone, what is the point of the sports pack?

    You might be able to catch post game shows that are often scheduled before the games conclusion. Other than that, Redzone is the only saving grace. For Hockey fans, Sports Pack is $120 a year - Center Ice is only about $20 more.
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    Losing my HD channels end of the year?

    Dish upgraded my dish to WA for $15 with the service plan. Said it would have cost $95 or $99 without the service plan. Installation comes with a 6 month guarantee, which was needed due to a sever wind storm the day after installation. Like you, I am coastal. EA dish had to be installed on...
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    Will This work for Wireless 722?

    Check your messages.
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    Self install, any advantage?

    My dish is behind my house as per HOA rules. I live in a land where every community is gated with golf courses, water acess,...No one has a dish on the front of their house. Das ist verboten. The second hole is to get line out from two tuner DVR for SD 2nd TV.
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    Will This work for Wireless 722?

    Maybe. Maybe not. Is your wireless router Netgear? If so, your chances are better. Netgear publishes compatible adapters in the routers documentation. Most problems with setting up a network are ability and compatibility. And even if they are able and compatible, will you set the right...
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    Self install, any advantage?

    Dish Installers decide with you on dish location with LOS. If you order through Dish directly, it must be installed in view from the street unless it is verboten by HOA. All wires will be attached to the outside of your house up to the point where a hole is drilled through an exterior wall...
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    programing via network?

    what does dish offer for free in terms of programming current tv shows? Many current TV downloads are free. Some charge $1 SD, $2 HD any free movies? Yes, lots sports? It is there, but its UFC, bull riding, mountain biking, surfing,.... The two big things you get are DishOnline which gives...