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    is HD pixelation normal from up close

    I just got a 722k on my 50'' Samsung PN50B550 with DishLatinoMax with Locals & $10 Hd package and i notice some pixelation on hd channels that is annoying when viewing wthin 3-5ft of tv is this normal as in Dish Network over-compressing the hd channels . also the aspect ratio on hd...
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    722k TV2 output cable

    What cable do most installers use for the TV2 . Is it mostly just a Coaxial(RF) Cable or Composite(RCA) because my dish installer used a Coaxial cable and i am getting a little fuzy picture similar to watching analog over the air tv. I've already tried TV2 Out ch.73 Cable ch.80 cable ch.116...
  3. J chat

    Is it safe to give out CC# info on the Dish customer service chat ? Because i was asking them about the Dish n up promotion and i qualify for free receiver & Installation and they said i need to give them a Credit Card # either through chat or phone.
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    HD Dvr upgrade question

    Ok so my next door neighbor who got DishNet the same day we did about 10 years ago just bought an hdtv and called dish about upgrading to a hd dvr and they told him that he qualifies for free HD DVR Upgrade with free installation but the problem is how much the bill will go up He currently...