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  1. Oyving

    Charlie Ergen Issues Statement on Net Neutrality Rules

    Do we want to load 10 times slower than I don't think so. I can see Comcast charging SatelliteGuys a premium for "faster" delivery. That would not be fair.
  2. Oyving


    I was on the E* website and didn't even see Cinemax listed. It's not even listed under HBO? :confused:
  3. Oyving

    A&E HD is now on.

    Is it only a mirror of the A & E channel, like TNT?
  4. Oyving

    6000 to VIP 622 or 211 upgrade

    I already have a Dish 300 pointing to 148 and am able to move the dish myself since I *moved*. Do I need DishPro in order to use the 211?
  5. Oyving

    6000 to VIP 622 or 211 upgrade

    Where are we at with this @ E*? Do I still need "professional installation" or will they just ship me the unit? How much are the upgrades now? Also, can I use legacy feedhorns or do I have to have DishPro?
  6. Oyving

    Universal HD for Winter Olympics?

    I'm sorry, I just found the other threads discussing this. Please close this one.
  7. Oyving

    Universal HD for Winter Olympics?

    Has anybody heard whether or not Universal NBC HD would be made available as MPEG 2 in time for the Olympics. It seems that it would be a good PR move for E*.
  8. Oyving

    Dish Launches Katrina INformation Channel

    Is this channel "in the clear"? It really should be available whether or not they are subscribers.
  9. Oyving

    Dish Network Activation

    It's sent to everyone but only your receiver recognizes the code.
  10. Oyving

    Dish website package listing snafu - fixed.

    OK.. I know.. Wrong thread, but I have to ask. WHEN DO WE GET OLN IN HD???
  11. Oyving

    Rename Your Town 'DISH,' Get Free Satellite TV for 10 Years

    WOW! Maybe this is the deal that will get French Lick, IN. or Intercourse, PA to change their names. :p :D
  12. Oyving

    Voom channel problem w/129 switched in

    Thanks for the response. Nowadays, you can't tell the players without a scorecard. I am getting some Denver channels (Don't Care) and CBS-HD (Do Care) on 148. If CBS-HD is mirrored or moved, 129 would be great for me! :D :yes
  13. Oyving

    Voom channel problem w/129 switched in

    OK.. I need to get some questions answered now as I am a techie and I'm getting very confused. 1) Are the VOOM channels on 129 open to anybody or are they just for Beta. 2) Is the 129 bird a "normal" satellite or FSS? 3) Is there any update on the NFL Network? 4) What is a Dish1000? I'm...
  14. Oyving

    Are there any reasons left to stay with Dish ?

    Why, why, why, would you EVER want to leave Dish "The HDTV leader" Network?
  15. Oyving

    FLASH: No Name Based Recording on 921, 721, 501, 508, 510

    It's amazing what comes down from "Your leader in HDTV programming"! !sadroll :mad:
  16. Oyving

    AMC-16 Launched

    I was in Orlando for business and I stayed at the same hotel as ILS & SES Americom (Disney's Boardwalk). I did run into an identified individual from Echostar. He said that the bird will give them more KU & Ka bandwidth. Does this "officially" mean the rollout of the Super-Duper Dish? :D
  17. Oyving

    Dish Earnings Conference Call and reported HD Plans...

    If only it was available somewhere. I can't find it. Maybe E* is "editing" it. :shocked
  18. Oyving

    DISH Network Offers Special Broadcast of 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

    I'm just trying to figure out why Dish is increasing their PPV rates 300% for this showing? Can they be price gouging since Moore said that TV stations can run it for free? :confused:
  19. Oyving

    ESPN2 HD will launch in January....

    Don't forget about the NHL... Doh!! :o
  20. Oyving

    What's up with ESPN?

    The game just came back on.