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    Hollywood OSCARS?

    2/24 FYI: 101W 3984MHz, SR 3.978Msps, VPID 308, APID 256 "Flying_C0W Sat #1
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    Mot DSR922 install question

    I have authorized a Mot DSR922 through WebSams and have received Hits on the Trip Counter from G1-3. In the programming process every sat shows 5000 on the position counter and cannot be changed. I have not been able to pre-adjust the East-West arc limits even after a Master Reset. Every "bump"...
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    NASA TV is moving

    c/p from NASA Homepage(Please delete if posted previously): NASA Television Satellite Information NASA Television Moving to AMC 3 Satellite Jan. 16, 2010 NASA Television is moving to satellite AMC 3. The transition will take place January 16, 2010. Cable and satellite providers will...
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    !0' Ku Dish FREE in Sacramento, CA

    This guy has been trying to sell this for months, and it's now free. His past posts show pics of an off-set composite CM mounted at roof level. FREE: Ku 10' Satellite Dish, 'transmit quality'
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    Another Paraclipse Alert - Dixon, CA

    It looks like a Paraclipse, size unknown: large satellite dish
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    Paraclipse Alert - San Jose, CA

    Do you know the way to San Jose? There's a Paraclipse in fine looking condition: Dish
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    Chaparral Corotor ID

    I can't seem to find the past post that identified the different Chaparrals. If picture1 is a CorotorII, what model is picture2 w/Ku feed near the scalar? A CorotorI?
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    Channel Master 1.0M Feed Assy

    I have come across an off-set Channel Master 1.0M composite reflector and mount during my travels. The feedhorn assembly is missing, so I am planning to construct one using 1/2" EMT. Thanks to SatGuys I was able to download the Assembly/Installation Manual, but the needed dimensions are not...
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    Satellites outside the Clarke Belt

    Have there been any hobbyist attempts to derive content from the non-equatorial inclined or polar orbit satellites? I am aware the satellites outside the Clarke Belt in recurring orbits will require both elevation and azimuth steering. I have not been able to find a site with info on these sats.
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    Mot DSR922 setup

    I haven't been able to commit any of my Buds into the ground yet, but I got the itch to play with my Mot DSR922. I have a confirmed X0 123W signal connected to the Ku port but the manual does not seem to offer ways to force any scans for channels. I suspect current sat maps are needed from G1/G5...
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    Adapting DP FSS LNB for FTA

    I am aware bandstacking technology limits the functionality of ex-DN Superdish FSS LNBs for FTA use. Will the use of the DP Adapter which unbandstacks the signal for legacy DN receivers similarly allow FTA receivers to see the proper H and V polarities?
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    Point-to-point comm possible?

    Since the ex-DirecWay dishes with modems are transceivers, is it theoretically possible to achieve point-to-point communications with 2 of them pointing at each other? I am not able to find specific info on uplink frequencies from the dish, or how the frequencies are controlled. I suppose the...
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    Another Free BUD Extraction

    I answered another craigslist ad for a free satellite system, learned the dish was a 10' perforated Winegard that needed removal from ground level, so I accepted the challenge despite the 250 mile RT. It was in an exclusive gated community, and as a reward for the removal I received a 6-year old...
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    Free BUDs

    Go here: Free Large TVRO Dishes
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    Another Free BUD, need ID

    I'm picking up another freebie in a few days, and the owner claims the panels are aluminum. Can anyone help ID this dish? Any info would be appreciated.
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    Above ground BUD mount

    I have a 9' solid steel panel dish that I don't want to commit into the ground for now. Yet I feel the itch to get started as attempts for C using smaller dishes is not yielding results. Does anyone have any pics or plans for a temporary above ground mount I might be able to construct from...
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    The Mabuhay Channel

    Dishnetwork abruptly discontinued rebroadcasting of the Filipino Mabuhay Channel which is/was FTA from 146E Agila2. Does anyone know what happened?
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    20Foot Dish

    The craigslist in my area is listing a 20' solid metal dish for use as a 4' deep pond for $350. As bigger is better, anyone interested?
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    Need schematics and info

    I just "inherited" a 9' Laux Beta9 steel panel dish with Houston Trackers 8+ and 10. The Trackers don't power up, but my searches point to power supply problems. I am repair-capable and can reverse-engineer circuits, but any info and schematics will help save time and effort. While I've...