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  1. xterra

    What's up with Directv?

    Just got done with my youtube tv free trial. I'm sold, I thought it worked pretty well. Switching in couple of months cause my bill is going to go from 92.00 to about 140 bucks plus my genie 2 and hr17 is acting weird when you change channels, it pauses for about 1 minute when changing channels...
  2. xterra

    AT&T Should sell DIRECTV to DISH

    I'll cancel if they merge.
  3. xterra

    Retention offer.

    Not sure. My wife called them because they charged us for a bunch of crap we didn't ask for.
  4. xterra

    Retention offer.

    I did same thing mine went from $144 to $84 with tax and no contract to sign. I said sign me up Scotty!
  5. xterra

    How do you like DirecTV?

    Not to sound like a broken record but the HR 17 blows. I didn't have one issue with my old HR54.
  6. xterra

    No longer with DirecTV anymore, Dish was installed today.

    DirecTV sucks..Dish sucks even more
  7. xterra

    upgraded receiver

    I know I sound like a broken record but you don"t want a genie 2 trust me.
  8. xterra


    DirecTV will just say it's normal if you call them or they will have you sign a new 2 year contract to try to fix it. DirecTV has gone down hill IMO.
  9. xterra

    Problems with the DIRECTV Genie 2

    Lol..better get used to it. Mine is hardly usable when my wife is using hers.
  10. xterra

    "WHEN" can I Upgrade from HR44 to HR54 ??

    If everything is working good, don't upgrade.
  11. xterra

    4K Mini Problems This Morning

    It's normal, just bear with it.
  12. xterra

    Please clarify the tuner information for Genie 2

    Don't do the upgrade this is what you'll get...I'm so frickin sick of directv. The more Clients you add the slower it gets.
  13. xterra

    Are the issues with the new Genie 2 system getting fixed?

    I've had mine since Nov. I can't recommend, to many issues.
  14. xterra

    What's with all the Direct TV negative reviews?

    That would be awesome! I’m out in the sticks though. My neighbor a thousand feet away has 65 mbps fiber, unfortunately they want 7500 bucks to run it to my house, so I’m stuck with 3mbps. Lol
  15. xterra

    What's with all the Direct TV negative reviews?

    Some people don't care about the delays, I happen to be one that does. After having Dish for 12 years, Direct's changing channel delay sucks. Sorry for the rant, I keep hearing it from the wife!
  16. xterra

    What's with all the Direct TV negative reviews?

    I was happy until my Directv free upgrade to a Genie 2 was hooked up. All I wanted was another mini for a second bedroom and I got a crappy genie 2 system that has to be reset every 2 hours, laggy as crap, black and white screen of death, and a We'll give you back your old system but it will...
  17. xterra

    Hs 17

    Nooooooo! Do you like lots of lag?
  18. xterra

    Dish to Direct Help!

    Save yourself the trouble, Genie 2 sucks
  19. xterra

    Ready to dump Directv

    My dad has the same UI, it's terrible.