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    Organize DVR recordings by season

    Is therea way to organize my DVR recordings chronologically by seadon and episode. For example, I've been recording old episodes of the Twilight Zone on METV. But they don't broadcast all episodes in order chronologically by season and episode. Can I reorganize them that way?
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    Collapsible channels

    I've just returned to Dish after two years with the much more expensive Directv. One new thing I don't like is now my guide shows my regional sports networks and Sirius/XM channels in this collapsible format where I have to click to see all those channels in my guide, even those that I have...
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    Disconcerting experience with Dish video chat

    I have been looking to return to Dish for a little while. I was a Dish customer from 1999 to 2008, left for Directv for a year, came back and then went to Directv again in 2012. I went to Directv primarily to get NBC Sports in a lower tier so I could watch NHL playoffs. I used to have Dish...
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    return to dish

    Looking to return to dish after 2 years with directv with bill $30 higher than i was paying with dish. I have a question. Is BEIN Sports Español part of the latino bonus package. The 2 channels i want most are BEIN Sports Español and NBC Sports for soccer and hockey. How can i get this combo...
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    DVR problem

    I have a strange DVR issue which has recurred several times. First, I have a 622 receiver. When I record hockey games on channel 409 Comcast Sports Net California and then try to start watching them while the game is still in progress, my DVR goes bonkers. First, the DVR screen is very slow...
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    dish web site

    Maybe this has already been addressed elsewhere, but what's up with the Dish web site? I try to enter or and get redirected to I can't view the package offerings which are basically the only reason to go their site. How can I get to the regular...
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    nhl/nba in hd

    Here's a strange question. I recently cancelled the multisport package. I basically keep it during hockey season for the NHL Network. Multisport never offered NHL Network in HD. However, I am receiving both NHL Network and the NBA channel in HD now. I have Dish Latino Dos. I don't see...
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    nhl network in multi-sport

    Here is a paradox for me. Why does Dish offer NHL Network in HD in AT200, but only in SD in the multi-sport pack? I have Dish Latino Dos, but also like NHL Network during the season. The free preview this month had it in HD. The online chat customer service rep simply told me it was only...
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    dropping channel effect dvr recordings?

    If I drop a channel which I have a la carte (international), will I lose recordings I have on my DVR? I have a 612. I think I remember seeing this question maybe a year ago, but I don't remember the answer.
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    Versus/NBC Sports gets MLS Contract

    New deal signed by NBC with MLS which will appear both on NBC and Versus/NBC Sports starting in 2012. MLS, NBC announce three-year broadcast deal | Could this get Versus moved to a lower tier package?
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    DirecTV Spanish packages

    Does DTV offer a mini-Spanish package which can be added to an English package for a lower charge than the normal Spanish packages? I'm mostly interested in ESPN Deportes and Fox Deportes. Dish offers this, but I'm getting tired of Dish's disputes with channel providers causing us to lose...
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    dish on demand free movies

    A Dish technician showed me through the DVR options a list of movies on demand that can be viewed for free. I can't remember however how to access this list. Does anyone have any idea? I have an HD DVR receiver that is connected to the Internet through a phone line router. Every time I try...
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    Versus on Dish

    I'm new here and I know this has probably already been covered at length but I can't find the specific thread. Dish currently offers Versus (with NHL) on their America's Top 250 and higher. Is there any possibility that it will offered on a lower tier package in the future or on a sports package?