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    Charlie Approaches DIRECTV about a Merger.

    A merger could result in enough combined capacity to greatly enhance the quality of the signals. It would also promote Charlie Ergen's apparent goal of providing HD transmissions into all of South America and substantial portions of SE Asia. Regards, Fitzie
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    DISH Expands High-Definition Programming

    Just briefly, we lost the ESPNEWS HD when the dustup between Dish and Disney occurred because Disney wouldn't allow ESPNU HD to be carried on Dish without additional payments. Dish contended it had the contractual right to broadcast HD without paying additional fees for it since other carriers...
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    DISH FORCING me to get a TECH visit for a receiver swap !!!!

    Nice discussion but one which seems to have minimized discussion of the advantages of more bandwidth made available by the conversion. As an EA consumer, I have been fairly satisfied with the quality of HD programming even though it is bandwidth constrained. Additional bandwidth for current...
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    DISH to Provide SEC Network Nationally for Aug. 14, 2014 Debut

    Perhaps I am wrong, but I had received the impression the SEC Network events would be carried primarily on the ESPN suite of HD channels: ESPN, ESPN2, USPNU, and ESPNEWS. If that is the case, the SEC Network would presumably have a national SEC Sports channel tucked in amongst the regional...
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    This has been a long time coming. Football on ESPN-U HD this fall will be great, and also the new SEC network. The Longhorn network too. Scott, great job on this, including posting all the links as soon as they became available. Now if Dish could only make Nick Jr. available in HD for my 3...
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    Laddyboy--- Thanks for the tip. Fitzie
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    DISH Reaches Long Term Agreement with DISNEY / ESPN / ABC

    If Disney/ESPN maintains its posture that Dish Network will have to pay separately for HD channels, while othe carriers (such a DirecTv) gets them free of extra charge, I doubt that ESPN HD will be expanded on Dish. My view is we will end up with exactly the same package we have now, with only...
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    AMC & Comedy Ch in HD?

    TNGTony, thanks for the listing. Excluding the Hustler listing, looks like 120 HD channels. Comparing your list to what I have, I think you are spot on. Thanks again, Fitzie
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    Special UPLINK REPORT announcement!

    Thanks to Digiblur and Nelson61. I've been reading the update listings for several years now and would sorely miss them if they weren't available. Best regards and many thanks. Fitzie
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    Is 3D TV dead? ESPN 3D to shut down by end of 2013

    More advances in technology I recently did a quick review of the local movies playing in Louisville movie theatres. Many of them are being shown in both 3D and regular versions. As older movies are "refurbished" to play in 3d, the availability of 3D programming for television will bloom...
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    Charlie Ergen is the most hated man in Hollywood

    This thread may be 'Weird"--C Ergen was apparently not in contention. B of A 2d, etc. Luck, Fitzie
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    4/3/2013 7:54pm - Uplink Activity Report - 61 changes

    Guys, thanks for the conversation. I thought i had just lost HDNet--I missed the fact it was being renamed! For LOL! Fitzie
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    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    There are two other factors that also may come into play on this issue. First, is that Charlie Ergen may be trying to interest capital funds (Roberts?) in doing a complete buyout of Dish Network so he wouldn't have to worry about the programming end. If he could cash out, he would be one of...
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    Dish HD vs Disney (DISH sort of won...)

    While Dish gained a slight moral victory, the decision was a major win for Disney. The implication of the decision is that deceptive and inequitable actions by a programming provider will not be subject to recourse from the courts, and Disney will recognize and rely on that fact. Disney's...
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    3D Update

    I agree with the poster's comment that 3D is being built in to most manufacturer's product lines, if that is what he is saying. Looking at the TV ads in today's paper I saw Sony, Samsung, LG and Sharp all with 3D models; I didn't pay attention to Panasonic but assume that is the same. At the...
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    military channel in HD

    i would like to have the Military Channel shown in HD when/if it becomes available. I would also like to see NickJr in HD for my grandson (he is a 2 year old devotee of Wubsie). Thanks, Fitzie
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    7/2/2012 1:02pm - Uplink Activity Report - 4 changes

    Many years ago, our local cable company (city owned) had a channel that local organizations could use for a half hour show. Didn't get much usage and went away. Was used mainly to show group meetings, church events, local library news, and so on. There was a nominal fee, I think about $25 for...
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    3D in 2012 -- May send me to DirecTv

    Just a note of reminder for those of you who missed some of C. Ergen's comments in re: 3D in the summer of 2010. During one of his "Charlie's Chats" he commented that Dish network felt the 3D field was immature. He cited as his facts the dispute over active and passive reception systems, and...
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    2/29/2012 6:18pm - Uplink Activity Report - 167 changes

    Iceberg, congrats. A job changes depresession to a mild recession. Fitzie
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    Quetzsat 1 Successfully Launched!

    Good work guys. Thanks as usual to Nelson61 and Fergie. Fitzie