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    replacement to flex plan

    I signed on after the flex plan last year dissolved. I got one duo receiver (625) and a 322. The first receiver I had i didn't have to pay any charge for it being dual or dvr. I had to pay a dual charge for the 322. I now have just the 625 active. Will I have to pay for the dual receiver charge...
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    322 missing

    I have a 625 and a 322 receivers. I went online and the 322 doesn't show up under my equipment. What the heck is going on. I have been with Dish 11 months, makes you want to cancel.
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    Order ppv thru telephone line

    I am trying to connect with Dish Network and order a ppv. It shows the phone connection is there. It dials out and is connecting but then gets dial out failure try again later, as long as 46 seconds it is tryiong. I have done the send status, phone detected, signal check, is green but when it...
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    2 duo receivers, I get one more

    I have a 625 and a 322. I don't have either plugged into the phone line. Could I add another receiver without a hassle? 211 as an example or 311.
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    New to Direct

    What does Direct require compared to Dish network. Do you have to provide a SIN to get an account? Can you get set up where payments are automatically charged to my credit card? How many receivers can I have?
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    How many receivers with flextv plan

    How many receivers can you have on a prepaid flextv plan?
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    24 month activation

    I read the info on the dish store website. Can you activate a used receiver and card without a balance. What number or website do you go to and check and see if a receiver has a balance owing?
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    Prepaid or pay as you go

    Does Direct have prepaid service like Dish's Dishnow or flextv?
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    If I were to get a 222 receiver + with a 301/311 under the flex plan with the silver200 how much would it cost? $57 + is there any extra fees? $149 activation + 222 receiver upgrade, $99 for the 301, any other charges, it is difficult to figure out.
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    April 2009 tr-40 and tr-50

    How are things going to change for april 2009. If I have a analoge tv. If I have a dish 3100 receiver & a subscrition and an old analoge tv. How can I get dish network. Can I just get the TR-50 hook it up to my dish 500 and get dish network on my older style tv. I wouldn't have to subscribe to...