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    Tilt for offset dish on polar mount

    For mounting an offset dish on to a polar mount, can the tilt adjustment be ignored? Also,i assume that it is of paramount importance that ones latitude is correct to track the Clarke belt spot on.
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    Calculating one,s true North/South position

    Is it possible to calculate one,s true North/South position if the Latitude and Longitude is known.
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    How do you measure a Ku motor to see if it's level?

    Motor level See my post of yesterday on this forum regarding U bolts.
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    How do you measure a Ku motor to see if it's level?

    Motor level I am of the opinion that the motor will be level if one use ones latitude incorporated into a formula allowing for the angle of the motor arm bend,being 30,40 or whatever.The resulting answer will give you what the arm angle will be (with the motor at 0)which is then set by way of a...
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    How do you measure a Ku motor to see if it's level?

    Motor level Mate that is a sound explanation. In my post of yesterday i enquired about the formula to calculate the arm angle of a sat motor (at 0) at any given latitude.Surely that is the most practical route by placing a digital inclinometer against the motor arm at 0.Once you set your arm...
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    Formula for calculating angle of satellite motor arm

    Can any one give me the formula to calculate the angle of a sat motor arm(set at 0) at any given latitude.The markings on the sat motor is not that accurate and it is more accurate to use a digital inclinomitor when placed against the sat arm.
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    Lenth of LNB arm

    Writing from Africa i was given a Channel Master Elliptical dish 900X670mm without the LNB arm.The part number is 3041221 and the mold number 75E (2).Can someone please advise me the length of the LNB arm.Thanks.
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    Tracker 2 Satellite Locater

    I have mislaid my manual and enquire if someone has one lying around.I am unable to store satellite locations into the positioner and any help would be appreciated.
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    Upside Down or Inverted Dish Installation.

    Anole i have noted and respect your reply.As i have done all the changes as outlined in my previous post and having gone so far, i at least would like the satisfaction of tracking some of the satellites with an inverted dish.Could you or someone else please advise me on the mathematics.Thanks.
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    Upside Down or Inverted Dish Installation.

    I have a sat motor tracking the Clark belt with the Apex satellite being at 49 degrees at true north in Africa.To enable me to view a satellite which is low on the horizon i will have to turn the dish upside down.For the dish to move freely by way of elevation i had to turn the sat motor up side...
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    Will teflon affect signal on linear satellites

    Definitely yes.It varies from sat to sat,also transponder to transponder.Suggest you try it yourself.Any suggestions from the Forum members how to solve this problem.How does a polarotor LNB deal with linear and circular polarity?
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    Polarotor Connections

    Polarotor Thanks Anole.Writing from Africa i was hoping for an easy way out as we have several satellites which have circular polarity.Then there are four satellites which have linear H/V polarity and when i remove the Teflon plate ,there is a dramatic increase in signal strength on these...
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    Polarotor Connections

    How do one connect a C band LNBF with polarotor to receive linear and circular transmissions to present day receivers.Or ,can present day receivers be modified to take the three polarotor wires.
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    New project-Primestar to polar mount

    Offset dish on polar mount Face dish true south,skew on zero.Set Lat and declination angles for your area.Ascertain elevation angle of notional satellite in the dish position and adjust dish to this angle , by measure from bottom of dish to top of lnbf.Use a thin wooden rod with inclometer...
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    Polar Mount Dish Without Actuator

    Can someone please advise me the easiest way to secure the dish once the dish is set onto a satellite.From time to time i move the dish to view different satellites.
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    Monitoring Incoming Pictures

    I have four dishes and four receivers providing me with with four pictures which i wish to monitor via a television.I understand that i need a quad processor(used for cctv) which will split my screen into four.Someone out there may have a set up to monitor different pictures,but i seek advice...
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    Fortec Star Classic NA

    Fortec Star LNB setting?
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    C Band Polarotor LNBF

    C Band Polarotor I should have said LNB,i always get mixed up.Mine has the little blue box with three wires.
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    C Band Polarotor LNBF

    How to one use a Polarotor LNBF with the latest type of satellite receivers.If there is a way, how would the three wires,red/black/white be connected up.
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    BSC621-2 C/KU LNBF info required

    Can someone please advise the degrees Kelvin for the C Band of the combined LNBF.