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    Fire tv software update (new UI)

    A little more info. I do not have it, tried sw update to no avail. New and Enhanced Features The Fire TV on-screen experience has been completely redesigned for easier access to content and personalized recommendations. We've added a new streamlined top menu, and a featured content rotator...
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    macOS Sierra

    I am not a developer, but I used googled methods to download Sierra,(on a separate partition) on my Imac), TVOS 10(had to buy a C cable) for the Apple TV, and the new OS10 remote, and IOS 10 for my Ipad. It does take some searching, I used the ipsw method after a couple of failed attempts. ron
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    722 And 5.1 Stereo

    What is the difference between Line and RF in the Dish settings, volume leveling is grayed out on Line? Thanks ron
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    MHz Networks launches new "MHz Choice" OTT service

    I get it as a sub channel, the Internationals, many of which I watched have been gone for a coup;e of weeks. I see on the web site it will be available on the Fire TV, mostly in HD and no commercials for 8.00 per month after a 30 day free trail. I will at least try the trial.
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    Apple TV Service Delayed Until 2016, Apple TV Coming Next Month (Report)

    I will get the 64 bit because in case they may offer DVR services in the future. ron
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    Question about Vintage Receivers

    I gave my next door neighbors son an Onkyo 805,(he is very happy to have it), that I used for a home theatre. I bought a Denon X3100(500.00 now 800.00 when I bought it last year). The new one is so much easier for streaming and and hooking things up to. The old ones will work but will...
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    Antique Speakers

    For the record 1 is negative, 2 is positive.
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    Under the Dome

    phoned in junk
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    Who is making the jump to iOS 9?

    I am not a developer but I downloaded IOS9 for my Ipad AIR, and 10-11 El Capitan for a late 2012 Imac, both work well and, were updated yesterday to beta 2. They usually update betas about every other Tuesday it seems. It is is not difficult to do, a bit of Googling should yield the file...
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    New to 4K. Dumb question incoming...

    These are excellent flexible moderate cost HDMI cables and are all you need. I got tired of worrying about different specs and pitched about 15 cables a couple of months ago and bought these. They are great. Also 4k on Netflix is only available with the 12.00 option but it is worth it. With...
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    New TV PWM headaaches

    Apparently not I have tried several without much luck. Since I am a long time Dish and Sat Guys subscriber I was hoping someone might be helpful.
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    New TV PWM headaaches

    My Sony rear projector, is failing and I have tried a Vizio P series 4k LCD/LED and LG 6650 plasma, and both give me eyestrain headaches, though the plasma is not as bad. Does anyone have experience with this kind of headache and have a recommendation for a tv type that does not have this...
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    Question for you experienced 4K guys

    I have an new P50B1 Vizio 4K and last night I watched Crouching Tiger on the Netflix app, with the tv reporting 2160(4K) resolution. My ISP speed was 10.8. The pic amazing
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    IPad Air or wait?

    I have an Air and it is great but, with new ones coming (probably in October) which will no doubt have the new A8 chip it would be best to wait.
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    Bart Starr

    I well remember when we had true sportsmen like Bart and Stan Musial to set an example for young people, it makes me wonder what has gone wrong with our society.
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    Doctor Who

    I am a Clara fan and do not mind having her around a lot, I also liked the setting, and could understand most of the dialogue, after reflection it was a more or less cohesive story line: unlike so many of the Matt episodes.
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    Doctor Who

    I like Clara, but the show is supposed to be about the "Doctor" not the "Clara", I am a bit uncertain about this.