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    Weight overheating.

    I have a small entertainment center and a vip722. I have maybe an inch on each side for air and that's about it. If it's on for a while the top of it gets pretty hot. My only other option is to sit my 42in tv on top of it but it weights 70 pounds. The edge of the tv base would hang over a bit...
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    Wireless Adapter with 612?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but can I use any wireless adapter with my 612 or does it have to be the $25 on from dishnetwork. If I can is there a trick to make it work? I have a wireless N one laying around and I'm sure it's plug n play. I just found out about the blockbuster movie...
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    Using Dish Remote Access

    Ok maybe someone on here can help me because dish network was no help at all. I can't access my dvr under dish remote access. I log onto my account and click Dish Remote Access. It goes to the "sling" website and shows my receivers but when I click on my Dvr nothing shows up. It says You...
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    Problem with sound WS

    Did anyone else have problems with their sound durning world series tonight. Both my vip 612 were messing up the sound.
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    TV2 IR Converter Kit dish remote 1

    I have an hava player hooked up to my vip 722 using the tv2 ir converter kit. I have the remote address set at 1 uhf pro band A. On tuner or tv 1 I have a 21.0 remote and it's set at remote address 1 ir/uhf pro band A. Everything works ok but when I'm in dual mode my hava player also changes...
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    HDMI 612 Issue

    I think it's my 50ft hdmi cable that is causing a problem but not sure. When I hook my dish 612 box to a tv using 6ft hdmi cable everything works fine. When I hook it up using 50ft cable I get picture and sound but the dish box locks up and I can't change channels or do anything really with...
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    All all ports hot on 612

    I'm running a hdmi cable (50ft under basement 24awg) to another tv off my 612. I sometimes get picture on it and sometimes don't. I really don't have anything that is hdmi to plug into the tv and see if that is the problem. The dish box has been acting up on me. Like when I change a channel...
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    Help connecting ir converter kit

    I need help connecting my hava player too the ir converter kit. Not sure what i'm doing wrong. I have the remote address set to 1
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    TV 2 IR Conversion Kit

    I'm assuming you can get these kits. I have a hava player and want to hook it up to dish vip722 tv2. I haven't heard much about these kits. I see the thread above but the last comment was a while ago. Have anyone tried it with hava player and did it work? How much do the cost and where is...
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    Recording with 612

    Can you record three shows at once using vip612. Recording two with the dual tuners and one over the attenna? Can you also record one over attenna one over one tuner while watching another? How is the vip612 different then the vip722 in single mode other then less recording time and PIP.
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    Any attenna?

    I just moved and the new house doesn't have an outdoor attenna. I will be living in town and don't want to pay for hd locals (which I don't think they offer yet in my market) when I can get them from free. I'll be replacing one vip 722 and one 510 for two 612. So I will have one vip722 and...
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    vip 612 ports always on?

    I currently have two vip 722 and an older 510 that I own. I have four hdtv sets. I was thinking of just keeping the two vip 722 and running hdmi to one hdtv and component to other tv but that would be alot of cables. Dish will let me trade in the 510 and a vip 722 for two vip 612. I'm...
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    ir/uhf 21.0 or 6.3

    I have a vip722 and want to be able to control tv1 thru a couple of walls while it's in dual mode. Is the only difference between these two remotes is that one is a learning remote and one isn't? Which one would work better with this setup. I'm putting the 722 and using component cables to...
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    Three HD TV'S

    I'll be moving next month from a single story house to a two story house. I currently have three hd tv's. When I move I'll have an hdtv in the basement, one on the first floor and one on the second floor (bedroom). I currently have two vip722. I usually leave the one, that is hooked up to two...
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    vip 722 just went bad any suggestions?

    My 722 keeps going out. I'll be watching tv and then boom the fan kicks on and the box goes out. I have tried everything (power reset, unplugging it, plugging it in to a different outlet, plugging it in directly to the outlet and nothing. The only thing that really happens is that the green...
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    How to log onto dishnetwork?

    Is anyone else haveing problems logging onto Is there a trick to it. I used to get on and check my account now I seem not to be able too.
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    Got Dish cards in the mail what for?

    Hello I got 3 dishnetwork cards in the mail yesterday and was wanting to know what they are for? I have two vip 722 and one 511. Do I have to install them? Will they give me more channels? I didn't think you needed the cards anymore. Thanks Kevin
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    We need a poll?

    What time and what channels are you having sound problems on? For me it's prime time over the air cw (american next top model) (everyone hates chris) Also had problems with fox during the world series. Ugly betty turn out fine last night on abc. I'm in the south bend area with vip722 using...
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    Can you run hdmi and component?

    I have a vip 722 and currently have it hooked up with hdmi to a projector(dvi) Was thinking of getting an hdtv for my bedroom, just a wall seperating the too, which i could hook up with component. Actually I would hook up the projector to component and the tv bedroom to hdmi for sound reasons...
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    Packet 8 phone won't dial out

    Well I got charged $10 cause I can't get my packet 8 to dial out. It says my phone is connected but can't get it to dial out. Any suggestions.