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    Old account EHD to new account Hopper?

    Hi I had an old EHD with tons of concerts/shows from an old Dish account when I was in college last year and I was wondering if I can connect it to a new account with Hopper (HWS) that I'm about to open. Will it let me connect it and see my old content or will it force me to format it...
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    USB Powered Hub - Recommendations

    I've tried to search for a list of recommended USB Powered Hubs for my Dish 722K to connect the EHD and Sling Adapter. I had a D-Link but for some reason is not working anymore so I want to get a good one that is compatible with the 722K. Recommendations welcomed.
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    811 & Legacy LNB's

    Hi I'm a newbie to HDTV, I wanted to get HD from Dish to get the best out of my new Panasonic HDTV. I wanted the 942 but I don't want to spend much money if MPEG-4 is around the corner. I've decided to buy an 811 for the moment. The question is if I can use my legacy LNBF's for the 811 or...