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    Uniden SQ530 +10ft dish

    I have a Uniden SQ530 with VCII I haven't used in three years. They were working when I unpluged them. All I want is what it will cost to ship them. Also have a defected VCII will ship with it if wanted. I also have a 10 ft steel mess pinhook disk I need to get rid of if anybody around Austin...
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    Another E* dish D*dish Question

    I just converted to D* a couple of months ago from E*. They installed my D* with just an 18 in. dish. My E* dish it looks like it's 22".My question is if I took off the twin E* lnb and installed a dual D* lnb would this screw up the focal point of the E* dish. I notice that the twin E*...
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    Which D10 to keep.

    They thought that my D10-100 was def and they shipped me a D10-300F which one should I keep.
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    No odd transponder.

    No odd transponder. I check the signal strength and odd is 0. What could be the problems. I have two D10. I switched the coax from dish where it comes into house and the trouble stayed with the same D10. So I know it either the inhouse cable or the D10. Which voltage does the odd use 12v or 18...
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    Multi/Switch location

    D* will be coming out Wed. to install for first time. I have ran my coax(4) out to where dish will be. The dish will be 50ft. from where it enters the house. I am not getting HD at this time so don't know what dish they will install. If they install three lnb dish the multiswitch will be...
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    SBC cable

    Looks like we might have a new cable company in Tx. The Texas Legislature just gave SBC approval to start selling cable over their lines.
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    NBR recording

    I have had a SA tivo for 2+years now. What is the advantage of season pass over Name Base Recording if any. On NBR can you specify 1st run only,no duplicate etc? I have had E* for 3+ yrs before that BUD. Just need to know if it would be worth going to D* to get their DVR.
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    Phase III multiswitch

    Can I change out multi switch in arm of phase III dish? What voltage should I be getting from coax at dish. I have tivo and to other receivers and it looks like I am not getting Sat 101 but can get locals. Don't know what my locals are on.
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    Ota Cbs Msg

    Just seen ota msg come scrolling across the screen on CBS that if you have DishNetwork that you might be losing the signal from CBS
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    SAtivo with Directtv REC.

    My SAtivo has a Serial Control cable that can be used to control Directtv Receiver or so it says. I am E* right now but am fixing to switch to D*. I have looked at some of the REC. over the Internet and can't find one that has serial input. Does anyone know of any that does. Thanks
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    Tivo account

    I have a tivo standalone lifetime account. I am with E* right now but when HDTIVO comes out look like I will be going with D*. Will I have to pay the $4.50 or whatever it is or will I be able to use my standalone account?