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    no auto hop option on ABC and NBC shows from last night? What's up with that

    no auto hop on NBC and ABC from last night? What gives with that ?
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    No logos

    All of my program logo's have now disappeared on new programs. Only have the station logo. Anybody else see this? What gives. Thanks
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    ABC 6 am EDT channel guide wrong

    On the local ABC channel (WXLV) the Guide shows on M-F Good morning America --which is wrong. Therefore it won't record the real Good Morning America at 7 am unless I go through and do "skip this event" for the 6 am one then the 7 am one lights up. Why can't Dish's guide be correct...
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    Another missing auto hop on NBC....The Voice from last night

    This is getting all too regular. I've even called Dish and they don't know what the issue is. GRRRRRR.
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    NO auto hop on two NBC programs from yesterday

    Here we go again... There is no auto-hop on Shades of blue and Chicago Justice from last night. My station is NOT an o & o . Anyone else??
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    no auto hop on ABCs ACM awards

    What's up with that?
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    No auto hop on NBCs SVU

    No auto hop on NBC's SVU from last night . All the nbc programs have auto hop. I rebooted the hopper no change. Wonder what causes this?
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    NBC no auto hop

    It seems no auto hop on NBC programs today (from yesterday), All the other networks came up as they should have with auto hop. Anybody else?
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    no auto hop

    Today I have no auto hop on programs recorded yesterday. I've reset the hopper 3 times (by red button and reset receiver in settings). What gives?
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    Dish 2 go

    I am contemplating getting a dish 2 go account (with one of the carry out domes) for my camper which allow you to turn it on and off as you wish. This would work good for me, I think. I'm wondering though do you have to pay for a whole month? Or, can you actually turn it on and off for the...
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    arguing to get $77

    I called in yesterday to renew my subscription and had to argue with what was obviously an Indian fellow (don't they have ANYONE in the US?) who refused to transfer me to the U.S. and claimed he couldn't give me the $77 rate which I know others were able to get. So, I just hung up on him and...
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    No Fx HD or SPEED HD here

    I don't seem to be getting FxHD or SpeedHD. I have the Platinum (I think that's the highest level) TurboHD package. Is something wrong? I'm getting all the rest of the newly added HD channels.