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    A nasty two part question

    thanks I don't care about streaming HD, I just want ondemand more. Is there a wireless bridge the HR24 works well with?
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    A nasty two part question

    So, I have a new Directv HR24, as well as a Slingbox classic. I was wondering if ONE device would allow me to hook both up to a wireless N network. The second part of my question is, if my HR24 is not configured to IR, will the Slingbox IR blasters work? I'd like to have both hooked up for...
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    finally had a positive experience with dish

    I had one today too! I called them to tell them I wanted to cancel, and canceled!!! TurboHD, the biggest bait and switch in the history of television!!!!!
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    Possible NFL RedZone offering on Directv w/o Sunday Ticket

    So they can't show them on the Game Mix channel, but they can show them of the individual channel? The case I remember last year was a KC/OAK game, I kept having to flip back and forth from that game to the mix channel. This used to be the case with my Patriots too (I am in Boston), but last...
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    Possible NFL RedZone offering on Directv w/o Sunday Ticket

    For example, at 4pm there are 4 games on. For some reason, DTV opts to not show a game, so we get 3 games and 5 blank windows. Why not adjust to bigger screens? This is one of many complaints I have with it.
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    Possible NFL RedZone offering on Directv w/o Sunday Ticket

    I just hope they finally FIX the Game Mix channels.
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    Turbo HD - Dish America - June 3rd

    What is the reason this has to be done BEFORE June 3rd? I understood it that we had to wait until then?!
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    Turbo HD - Dish America - June 3rd

    What were you paying before, and what are you paying now? I also have the 61.5/110/119 setup, but was told if I went from 2 dishes to 1 I'd lose some programming.
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    New Pricing Chart

    Directv reps are telling customers this. Trust me. They also rip the cable company for scheduling "12-4" installs, yet they do the exact same thing!
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    New Pricing Chart

    Why BEFORE June 3rd? Does this deal go away? I am in the same boat you are in, exactly. If I had AT 120, besides the $44.99 do I have to pay for a 2nd TV and DVR too? If so, what does that cost? And would I have to pay for my RSNs? I currently have 2 TVs - one HD and one HD DVR not...
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    June 3rd? About to biz-ounce!

    What is the June 3rd date everyone is referring to anyway? I am a Aug '08 Turbo Silver sub that got scammed like everyone else. I currently have an HD DVR (722) and another HD box with Turbo Silver. I pay $60 a month. Directv has offered me a 2 year deal for $55 a month that gives me a new...
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    Taking info off the DVR (722)

    Is there any way I can take content of my 722 DVR and put it onto my PC?
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    Celtics CSNNEHD

    Great question. They told me all the C's and Sox games would be on in HD. I bought it like a fool, with my pants on the ground.
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    Charlie Chat Caps & Bytes

    Here's the recap - 50 minutes of infomercials, 10 minutes of layup questions, including the token paper billing question. All I learned was the 922 is out in April. Glad I DVR'd it. I watched it in 5 minutes.
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    Is it possible to control a 1 TV setup (vip 722) with remote 2?

    Wow! Just came across this! Thanks guys. I am now using my UHF remote and was able to throw away my Leapfrog that I have had from my cable days. Also was about to order the Dish UHF converter, which I don't need know.
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    Helping a friend

    What is a SWiM install exactly?
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    Helping a friend

    So you can't use a splitter? I have a 722 for Dish, and I only have one line coming in, but it is split into two for the dual tuner functionality. I can't run a second line for him, unless I want to run it across the floor.
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    Helping a friend

    Hey guys, not a DTV sub, but was wondering, is the 23 the newest DVR that they offer? It appears it is from the searching. I also understand it has 2 tuners, but is it like Dish's, meaning I can have one line coming in and then split it? Or do I need two lines?
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    NHL/NHB TV in HD

    I am a Turbo sub and noticed under ALL SUB I have these. When did this happen? Nice of Dish to tell me! (NOT!!!)