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    HDMI Matrix switch compatible with DN receivers???

    I have one VIP722 feeding a JVC projector and a Samsung TV and have been using a matrix HDMI switch for at least 4 years. The switch went bad, I think, and took the HDMI port on the VIP722 with it. Replaced the receiver and bought another matrix HDMI switch and it is looking like the exact...
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    Tennis channel??? Missing from all guides?

    Am I blind or did the Tennis channel disappear from DN??? Also, my 722 will not reliably record any OTA channels. Today, I had 4 programs scheduled to record. I only ended up with one recording. The other three simply disappeared from any record on my 722, no history or anything...
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    vip722 and sling adapter

    Is there a tutorial somewhere to get this working? I've contacted Dish numerous times w/o any luck. My receiver shows broadband connection ok. I log into DN website and click on the sling link in the menu and I get a no receiver connected issue. Sometimes, I do not see that problem and I...
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    Dish deleting my HDPlatinum on 3/30???

    Has anybody else received this email from Dish? If so, what is the best way to get this resolved? In the email, Dish is claiming that HDPlatinum was a 3 month free promotion, but I've had it for years I think. What's going on here Dish?
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    Update to my experiences with the DN TV2 IR Converter Kit... plus more

    Just thought I would post my experiences here (the old thread is too old to post in)... I have HD TV1 (main TV connected to VIP722 (non k model) via HDMI) and HD TV2 (120 feet away in bedroom connected to same VIP722 via Component (more on that later)). I didn't want to use DN UHF Pro 6.3...
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    vip722, TV2 (IR control?)

    I have a vip722 and the URC RF20 system with Power Blaster IR control. Is there any way that I can control TV2, normally controlled by DN 6.3 IR/UHF Pro remote, using my URC IR/UHF remote? Thx, George
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    722 OTA tuner vs. stand alone OTA tuner

    I have the vip722 and a small Radio Shack UHF antenna in the attic. I have two feeds coming off the antenna (two of those little flat antenna wire to coax converters). The run to both my 722 and to my internal PCI-x PC tuner are very close to exactly the same length. My 722 cuts out a lot...
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    Ft. Smith Arkansas HD Networks...

    Does anybody know what happened to the Ft. Smith Arkansas HD Network launch slated for 4/22 per Retailer Chat? George
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    vip722 does not record buffer

    I just noticed that my vip722 does not record the buffer like my other receivers have in the past. Example, watching a show and after about 30 minutes or so I decide to record the entire show. In the past with my 501, 510, 622(?), I could skip backwards and start the recording and it would...
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    DN Retention Specialist offer...

    Just got off the phone with DN Retention Specialist and thought I would share in case it can help anybody else... My history with DN has been ongoing for almost 12 years. I have the Top 200 with locals, SilverHD with PlatinumHD (huh?) and no premium movie channels and a vip722 leased receiver...
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    12+ year DN customer looking to switch, Ft. Smith Arkansas

    Hey all, I've been a loyal DN customer for over 12 years. I live just south of Ft. Smith Arkansas. I have one vip722 HD DVR feeding one TV. I don't subscribe to movie packages or sports packages. Can I ask a couple of questions of you DirecTV experts? Do you get your local Ft. Smith...
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    Ft. Smith Arkansas 'mover' for Network HD info request

    Hey fellas, anybody have any idea where everybody here in NW Arkansas is 'moving' to get their HD Networks? I was 'living' in Nashville, which worked fine up until last week. Any advice would be appreciated, George
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    Nashville HD Local Networks down for over a week now???

    As the title says, my Nashville HD local networks, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX have been off the air for over a week now. Calls to DN result in, 'huh?'. Email to CEO also elicited a phone call with the same 'huh?'. What's weird is whenever I try to select one of those channels, I get a looking...
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    Lew 610 software and 722 record issues...

    My 722 has received the latest 610(?) software and now almost on every recording, I get loss of signal even though there should be no loss of signal. I had a very little bit of trouble with off the air recordings previous to the latest software download, but never on sat channels and only...
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    Dead 622 replaced with 722, no local ota guide info???

    I've read through most of the posts on this subject but still am not 100% sure, I will no longer get any ota local guide info??? EVER??? George
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    LNB Drift, any stop-gap solution???

    I have a Dish 1000 and vip622, with no switch at all in my setup. I have a DP Plus dual head LNB and a Dish Pro single. I'm getting a -8 drift on the 129 satellite (I'm stuck at the 015 screen, acquiring satellite signal) and DN is sending a tech out with a quad LNB replacement but that...
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    Nashville Fox HD (ch 6343) problem...

    For the last couple of weeks, Fox HD channel 6343 has been having a problem where any on screen movement, either camera or action, causes a 'tear' in the image. This tear is horizontal all the way across and half way between the top and bottom of the screen where the top part of the image...
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    CNN... press select for CNN enhanced???

    What is going on with this and how do I disable it??? I am not interested in Dish's options popping up when I'm watching a channel, no thank you. It just started doing it but I can't figure out how to disable it. Any help? Thanks, George -bub
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    622 has name based recording correct?

    If the 622 does indeed have name based recording, why do they insist on starting 1 minute early and end 3 minutes late AND record sporting events for an additional 60 minutes??? Now, I know you can change the 1 minute early and 3 minute late setting, but it has already gotten old and I've...
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    You call this an install?

    Had a 12-5 install window. Tech called at 8:30 that morning asking if he could come right away, I of course say sure. He shows up at 11:00 with D1000 and DPP44. Takes down my SW64, takes down my main 500 (pointing at 110 and 119) and puts up the D1000, peaks 129 I guess using 43/121 instead...