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    Problem with 72.7/110/119

    Just had my 61.5 turned to 72.7 and got good LOS on all transponders for all 3 birds. I get all the new channels but lost 26 of the HD channels that I already had. The ones that are lost are on 72.7 but like I said, I get the new HD channels from 72.7. I still get others that are also on 110...
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    VIP 211 and the ethernet port

    If I hook the 211 up to my network, can I program the DVR via the web remotely? thanks.
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    MPEG2 vs. MPEG4

    I was looking over TNG Tony's Channel listing and news and noticed: I have a VIP211 that gets MPEG2 and MPEG4 and checked where 9401 was coming from and my 211 tells me it's from 110 tp 3. Questions: 1) is this still being transmitted from 61.5 tp21 in MPEG4. and if it is... 2) why doesn't...
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    New Sony A/V Receiver--need DISH remote control info to program

    My last A/V Receiver just died so I picked up a new Sony STR-DG910. I tried programming the VIP221's remote to control Volume and muting but am having trouble. The receiver comes preset to Sony's Command AV2 IR codeset and there doesn't seem to be a corresponding DISH remote code to use...
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    Is this why DISH doesn't offer USA-HD???

    According to this link , To get USA-HD, DISH has to offer Sleuth and Chiller HD...
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    Frame Rate reduction on MPEG2 channels?

    I have a VIP211 and have noticed a slight frame rate reduction on the HD MPEG2 channels only. The HD MPEG4 channels and the SD channels are not affected... I tried rebooting but it persists. Is anybody else noticing this??? thanks