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    119 West Networks

    Fraud Company I am believeing you work with the frauds, SATREP in Canada. Go sit on a cactus if you have nothing good to say.
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    119 West Networks

    Networks I do not care which FOX, NBC, ABC, OR CBS I get. Problem is I have none of them, and I thought I bought them. What channels should I expect them on if I am told it has been added to my package......of course on Satellite 119.
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    SW64 & DTV LNBs

    Many Thanks Fantastic response. Thanks a million.
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    SW64 & DTV LNBs

    We are using ordinary DTV LNBs to get Dish Network on 119W. I hear we can only use the SW21 and SW64 switches, and not the DP34 and others. Can someone tell me why that is. I also understand we can not use the ordinary DISH PRO LNB. Lastly, should we use the SW64 with or without the power...
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    119 West Networks

    119W Networks I have a dish subscription on 119W. I bought locals, but I have no NETWORKS. Please tell me what networks are available on 119, and how I can get DISH to add them. What do I have to do at my end to get it? My package is America's everything pack plus locals. I am too far...
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    Dish Network Fraud Company

    Dish Network Fraud What is scary about this company is that they seem to have access to Dish network Database to be able to add each of my receivers to an existing account in New York with last names matching mine. I have not been to New York in 15 years, and this company reports that I stole...
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    Dish Network Fraud Company

    Be careful of SATREP Canada. This company is activating Dish Network fraudulently. When you find out their game, they shut down the receivers and report them stolen. I asked them to activate 8 receivers for me, and Al put them on 8 different accounts. Please send me a private message with...
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    Directv Indian Channels

    Are these channels available in the Caribbean? What satellite? What si the coverage past Puerto Rico.
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    Non-US Activations-DISH

    Anyone here can handle 100 or so Dish Network account activations from a Non-US territory in the Caribbean?
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    Address Brokerage Needed

    Anyone on here willing to do Address Brokerage to facilitate Dish Network activations for us in the Caribbean? We are not in Puerto Rico or Virgin islands, but very close. We can hit any bord, and guarantee payment.
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    Dish Network Activations

    Dish Activations What are the constraints if I are in the Caribbean?
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    Dish Network Activations

    If I have some Dish Network receivers, how can I go about getting them activated. I bought the factory refurbished. Can I do it online?
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    Dish Network Programming Caribbean

    I am looking for someone to help me with providing Dish Network programming for about 60 clients in the Caribbean. About half of them are only interested in South Asian fullpackage. The others are interested in America's top 180.
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    Rca Dxd416re Receivers

    I am looking to buy many of these. DiRECLINKS
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    Galaxy Latin America Receivers

    Who has any of the Hughes Latin American Receivers already converted, for sale? DiRECLINKS
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    Indian Programming 95west

    Prices And Channels I have seen nothing on the channels that will be available, nor the price tag. DiRECLINKS
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    Indian Programming 95west

    Anyone know what the price of the package that DiRECTV will launch in October, including Indian channels? How many Indian channels will they be? DiRECLINKS
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    Indian Channels On 95w (g3)

    I am hearing that DiRECTV will launch Indian Channels on 95 West in a couple weeks. Can anyone confirm this, and provide details about the package, as well as equipment. DiRECLINKS
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    Directv Latin America

    Can some one post all the models of LNBFs that will work with DiRECTV Latin America on Satellite 95W. So far I have Eagle Aspen DTVGD and LNBSHP02 DiRECLINKS
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    Galaxy Latin America Lnbf

    Can some one post all the models of LNBFs that will work with DiRECTV Latin America on Satellite 95W. So far I have Eagle Aspen DTVGD and LNBSHP02 DiRECLINKS