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    inspiration channel

    I know insp is on digital cband and the last time I tried to pick it up it was scrambled. Insp was dropped from directv recently and I enjoyed that channel and would like to be able to receive it I have direct along with fta and was wondering if it might be on somewhere fta other than digital...
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    sub channels

    Has their been any talk of possible directv adding sub channels anytime in the future. I live in the Memphis market and receive locals off direct but too far from towers to pick up ota where I could get their sub channels such as antennatv and movies to name just a couple. It sure would be nice...
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    programming questions

    I currently have direct and was thinking about possibly switching to dish but had some questions about programming. First question can you buy your own equipment so you dont have a commintment? Second can you get a package with espn and fox news channel in it that does not cost an arm and leg...
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    Just got a 3d tv and was needing to know if my hr20 receiver will work with 3d?
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    I went to watch the insp channel Saturday on G-1 and it said that this channel not available, getting good signal strength just no picture. Have they decided to not let cbanders watch anymore?
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    When will direct add Glen Becks Blaze channel dish just added it?
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    inspiration channel

    Is inspiration channel in the clear anywhere on fta?
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    select package

    I'm looking to downgrade my package and I know this has been discussed several times about select or select classic package but can someone give me the channels in the package, or any package that would save some bucks?
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    no signal

    I moved in house with slimline 3swm dish I hooked up my h20 receiver and have no signal. I tried with bband converter and without bband and still no signal. Do I need bband or not?
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    I was just wondering if anybody knows whether or not css has any backhaul feeds on fta. I used to be able to get it on 4dtv but now it is scrambled. I was just wondering which satellites it would use for backhaul feeds.
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    My hdmi cable gets cut into is their way to splice back together?
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    family pack

    If a person subscribed to the family pack would you then be able to add the hd pack and get all the hd channels in it?
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    Has anybody heard whether or not direct might someday add sub-channels in our local markets?
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    Bounce tv

    Anybody know anything about this new sub channel coming soon to Memphis market on channel 5.2?
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    I've been out of pocket for awhile and now I can't seem to pickup rfd. Is it still their or have they scrambled now?
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    trouble shooting openbox

    Just hooked up my openbox receiver using the hdmi cable, I tried to change the format to 1080 using the v-format button and lost video. I tried rebooting the receiver and still no luck. It says at the bottom of the screen unsupported signal please check the output. I have already scanned in w3...
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    open box s9

    I read where the open box s9 does ac3 audio through the hdmi, I was wondering if I ran coax to the bedroom using the satellite out would I receive audio on channels that are broadcasting in ac3 on the tv in the bedroom?
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    Does anybody know what satellite css uses for their backhaul feeds?
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    significantly viewed

    The fcc updated the significantly viewed channels on 7-13-10, so when will D start adding these to our local channels? Do you have to call D too get them added?
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    My freind said he just discovered channel 379 on dish and it was showing retro tv on the logo. Is this the retro tv network thats been on fta satellite?