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    Usa Hd And Scie Fi Hd

    Has anyone seen an actual hd show on these channels. everytime I got it is just sd stuff.
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    722 question

    If you read the fine print on the 722 specs, it says it upconverts all sd to hd. The fine print on the 622 does not say this. Does anyone have a 722 to verify if it does this and how well. I know my toshiba HD A2 does a super job of upconverting dvd;s and if the 722 does as well it would be...
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    I have software 409. What are the changes for that
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    Local off the air

    The other evening, our fox hd feed from minneapolis was off the air in hd but on in sd. I emailed dish regarding this as it happened in the middle of a prime time show. The answer from dish came back to me today that dish was doing routine maintence at that time and that is why it was off. I...
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    Charlie says

    On the chat last night, charlie said all of dish HD is 1080i or however it is received is how it goes out from them. Also he said some HD is received as 480i and that is how it will go out. Is this true that some of the stuff is only 480i, maybe that is why some hd does not look great, and...
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    e-mail from tech support of dish

    I had emailed tech support about the fast forward being goofed up on my 622 and that it started with software 401 and continues with 403. The emailed me back the next day and said they are aware of it and are working on another software upgrade to solve it. They also asked me for all the info...
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    Software 4.03

    Does anyone know just what changed with software 4.03.
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    HD not always HD

    I have noticed lately that some of the voom channels and others in the hd package do not look like hd even though the screen is filled out. then when you press guide the description of the event does not include the letters HD at the end. Is this a trick on the channels part to make people...
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    Picture quality on minneapolis channels

    My picture quality on minneapolis sd channels 22 29 and 45 is blury enough that I get a headache trying to focus my eyes in on them. My channls 4,5,9,11 from minneapolis in standard def is quite good and surperb in HD. I had emailed dish about this and got an email back to email a tech and do...
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    Picture quality

    Those of you who are still using standard sd receivers, has your sd picture quality gone downhill or are you still getting the good pq that dish had before i got my 622. In other words, does having a hd receiver make the sd picture quality of the sd channels worse than if you have just normal...
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    Pull the plug reset with 401

    Be prepared for quite a wait if you reboot using the pull the power plug. Mine went through satellite 110 with many transponders, then whet to 119 doing most of the transponders and now is on 129 doing the same thing. So far 20 minutes. Will be interesting to see if it did anyting different.
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    Picture quality since 401

    My PQ has gone to pot since the 401 up grade. Even the quide looks blury. To verify I wasn;t having a bad eye day i played back some hd on the hard drive that was recorded before the update and it is razor sharp. Hope this poor pq doesn;t last long. I was just getting used to good hd and now...
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    Idot csr

    I called dish tonight to report one channel that had the audio and lips out of sync, all other channels were fine. The csr i got asked what kind of cables I had behind the 622 and I asked input or output. He didn;t understand that. He then asked me how was the picture getting to the tv. I...
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    How to program receiver code for remote

    I know how to program the remote for the receiver;s code, but how do I change the code of the receiver,(now at 2) to a code of 1. thanks for any help.
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    National Geographic hd

    I updated to gold so I could check out National G and the 2 times i wanted to watch a program it was in sd. changed back to bronze the next day. At an extra 20 bucks a month Nat G is not worth it for me.
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    New version of 622

    How much more (in time) will the expanded hard drive of the 622-1 hold of HD content compared to the 30 hours of the current one?
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    Corrupted Hard Drive Message

    I have had two messages in the last two weeks that my hard drive has been corrupted and needs to be dumped. You click on the message and it takes the 622 through a reboot and when done, you still have all the recordings on the hard drive that were there before the corruption. What is the deal.
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    New Dish Promotion for new customers sucks for us oldies

    I just got some cards in the mail from dish to hand out to friends. If they sign up for dish hd they can have the dish bronze for 29.95 plus 5 for locals. I have to pay 49.99 and get 50 bucks credit. It would be a much better deal if the salesman would get the package at 20 bucks off too...
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    Is it Possible for Dish to:

    Is it possible for dish to offer all the current hd channels in 1920x1080i or are they already limited on bandwidth.
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    Worst install I've seen yet

    My neighbor just got his dishing it up 4 receiver install. Here is what the tech did. He put the dish on the house peaked it and brought in the cable to the 1st tv. So far fine. Now get this, He runs the other 4 wires around the baseboard in the house around the doors so they cant close to...