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    dishNET Wireline

    Does anyone know anything about this service? I had never heard of it. Is it their own isp, or do they just partner with another provider? Their website doesn't have much details, and I couldn't see much in the fine print to give me clues. DISH High Speed Internet & Phone - DISH Bundles | DISH
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    Need DIRT assistance

    I apologize, as this probably isn't the best way to do this, but could someone from DIRT PM me? I have a customer service issue. Thank you.
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    Adding old receiver

    So we upgraded our Dish 300 and receiver two years ago to a Dish 500 and 322 receiver. We could only get $10 to give the old equipment back, so we kept it. First of all, I'm having trouble identifying the receiver. The only thing I can find is JVC TU-3500U. Not sure if that's a model or not. We...
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    Easy to install 322?

    My family has been Dish customers for about 12 years. We have a Dish 300, and a model 3000 receiver. Everything works fine for the most part, but I'm looking to upgrade. Dish Network has a deal where we can get a 322 receiver for 50 bucks shipped. It costs another 50 to install it, which I would...