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    Enter Here: Sadoun Lnb Giveaway!

    Wow. 40,000 people who know more about this satellite stuff than me. But I'm a fast learner, and as soon as I figure out how to add FTA to my OTA MCE HD HTPC, I'm there. (At least I've figured out some of the acronyms ;>) P.S., I'm prowling threads, but can anyone point me to a comprehensive...
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    Voom to disable OTA tuner in STB?

    Here's my question: If the Voom STB still functions as an OTA tuner, can it scan and pickup locals in a different DMA than the one in which it was activated? I have a friend who lives 60 miles from D.C. and could never reliably get anything OTA. He has a spare Voom box he'd give me, but...
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    2 More Weeks!!

    A dual-tuner HD DVR for $10 per month is all that's keeping me with Comcast right now. I work nights and weekends, and without this miracle machine I'd have missed the Super Bowl, next Sunday's Daytona 500, and more movies than I can count. I'm hoping Voom pulls through and gets the DVR out...
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    Voom STB native mode:

    Thanks for the quick replies. Some additional questions: jtruong, are you using both? Do you see a noticeable PQ difference between 720p or 1080i output via DVI on your Sammy? Do you see a difference in SD over DVI vs component? A poster in another thread reports better SD in native...
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    Voom STB native mode:

    May have missed it, but didn't see this addressed in the FAQ. My Voom install is next week. I'm planning to use the DVI output from the Moto to my Sammy DLP. I'd like to try native mode so 720p will pass thru and 1080i will be downconverted in the set. But what about SD? If I understand...
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    [VOOM] New user comments, some TiVO tips, and sparkles on CNNHeadline News

    Thanks for the tip on native mode. It makes sense, though some people say it causes a momentary breakup or dropout when switching channels and the TV set has to catch up with the new resolution. I've seen people bitch about volume differences before, and Walt recently said Voom had made some...
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    Pre-Newbie with stupid questions.

    You guys can dismiss an upconverting DVD player all you want, but it does make a difference. An all-digital signal path (DVI) that delivers the set's native resolution (in this case 720p) is amazingly crisp. The difference is apparent. I recently spent a jaw-dropping evening at the home of a...
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    [VOOM] Any movement on Food network and HGTV?

    I had a hard time getting spousal approval for a satellite dish. When she found out she would be losing HGTV, the tide began to turn against me. I'm not sure how long I can hold out against a woman who thinks VHS tapes offer perfectly fine PQ and would rather watch "Designers Challenge" in SD...
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    Voom a "Hot Pick" in TV guide this week

    Both should help. TV Guide certainly puts Voom on the radar for a lot of folks who wouldn't otherwise know about it. Getting it on the "Gaydar" also helps from a business standpoint. The gay demographic is one that a lot of companies are targeting these days for economic reasons. I'm...
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    so has the $0/0 commit install deadline been extended? Yes, till 7/31/04

    Does that mean if I have an install scheduled for 7/13 that I should get the SS instead of the Sensar II? The SS seems to be perfect for my location and better from the WAF standpoint. Do I need to check with the installer or should this be SOP?
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    Voom and original aspect ratio? (Please send your comment to VOOM)

    Others do resent Godzilla being cropped. How are you going to decide which movies make "the cut" and which don't get chopped? Basically this is an all-or-nothing situation.
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    Voom and original aspect ratio? (Please send your comment to VOOM)

    OAR, OAR, OAR. If you were only missing 10 percent of your paycheck would it bother you? Only missing 10 percent of the hair on your head, or 10 percent of your fingers and toes? C'mon, zooming and cropping hurts PQ and robs us of visual information. You can zoom your set if you want it...
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    Voom vs. Direct sucks!

    Just make a donation in his name to the National Megalomania Fund. It's tax-deductable.
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    Which Voom Channels Would You Get Rid Of?

    The only thing this thread proves is that we all have different tastes. Dumping SD dupes seems like them most painless way to go, but I'm sure it's a contract issue. I am an unrepentant artsy-fartsy myself. The movies channels were the biggest draw.
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    Voom and original aspect ratio? (Please send your comment to VOOM)

    I agree on dubbing. There are only a handful of films that do it well, in my experience. I know there are people who claim reading subtitles distracts them, but I find bad lip synch and poor voice acting much more so. Let's hope Voom hears the message.
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    [VOOM] Re: HOPING VOOM FAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (WILT)

    The sad part is, Voom isn't alone in this. In fact, I just switched to Voom because Comcast was offering a pathetic HD lineup that doesn't even include all the local OTA network affiliates, offered me no incentive not to cancel after a dozen years as a cable subscriber, and broke multiple...
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    Voom and original aspect ratio? (Please send your comment to VOOM)

    !protest Any chance of a petition or poll on this to show Voom we mean business? Anything other than OAR is a travesty. Either run it letterboxed or pillarboxed to give us the full intended effect, or don't show it at all. Nothing will make me turn the channel faster than a zoomed...