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    I am interested in the Hopper 3 upgrade
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    Combine Cablevision TV and TV2 Output from VIP 722

    I assume that combining remote antenna jack with tv2 rf output is to let remote antenna to be hooked at the splitter before TV2 (instead of rear jack of 722), that was the way worked before I got the cablevision TV. Somehow, after mixing cable TV signal, it is no more working.
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    Combine Cablevision TV and TV2 Output from VIP 722

    Got 3 way splitter and reinstall the antenna on it but still have the same problem. Simply the remote 2 doesn't work, even changed fresh new batteries. Any other suggestions?
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    Combine Cablevision TV and TV2 Output from VIP 722

    With module change to 125, TV2 already receives Dish signal, problem is the remote controller 2 not responding.
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    Combine Cablevision TV and TV2 Output from VIP 722

    I have a technical question, which might be quite common to some users in NY/NJ/CT Tri-state area. As Dishnetwork doesn't carry MSG channel, I added cablevision (Optimum TV, on top of existing optimum online service) recently while still keeping Basic Dishnetwork service (Welcome back package...
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    International Access Fee

    Thanks a lot for the help, Iceberg and Zach. I already PMed Zach.
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    International Access Fee

    Need help for verifying the charges to my account: I started American top 120 together with Chinese great wall package since last Dec and currently my bill reads: AT 120 $44.99 Chinese:$22.99 International Access:$10 When I checked Dish website the other day, I found as along as you have...
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    Signal Lost

    Recently my 622 DVR has always pop-up error message (signal loss) during watching live HD channel or recorded program. But after press the "Guide" button on the remote, the error message will disappear. Has any other person experienced same problem or is it the common bug in the firmware 520?
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    Lost Digital Audio Output on VIP622

    Just found the digital audio lost of my VIP622 and not sure whether it is caused by recent software version upgrade or hardware defects. Should I call "E" for the replacement of DVR?
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    Adding a new HD receiver

    Taking the advantage of new lower price of VIP211 from, I am thinking to add VIP211 to my 2nd HDTV, which is currently feeded by TV 2 output (SD) from VIP622 but have following questions: 1)For self-owned equipment, will Dishnetwork charge the additional receiver fee as $7 per...
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    Is there any way to close the working order while the job is not completed?

    I had a very bad experience with E" recently. Since I lost the signal for most of my international programs after 118 upgrade, E scheduled their technician visit last Sat. No show last Sat.(but did receive the call that technician could not make it due to family emergency). Finally the guy came...
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    118 Upgrade Kits and dish 500+

    After upgrading with 118 kits for my international programs, I lost most of the int'l channels and E" technician said I need a 500+ (to replace my current superdish), does it sound true? Meantime, I just found I could not copy recorded CMax movie from 622 to my archos 605 due to copyright...
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    ARCHOS 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi Portable Media Players to Connect With DISH Receivers

    Just called Archos customer service again and they have not been notified about this new plug-in yet. But at least confirmed it is not available yet. Do hope it will show up by mid-night of today.
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    ARCHOS 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi Portable Media Players to Connect With DISH Receivers

    I checked Archos website and could not locate that plug-in firmware. BTW, when I called Archos last weekend, I was told the plug-in won't be available until early next year. Do I miss something here.
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    Dish Network 622/722 L448 Release Notes

    Does that mean the Archos 605 can work with VIP622/722 now?
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    New Pocketdish soon?

    New Firmware for Archos 605 Wifi Just noticed Archos released new firmware for 605 wifi on 11/28, is this the one to work with VIP622. If not, does anybody know when such firmware will be available. It is already in Dec.
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    Archos Gen 5

    Can any one let me know where to download the firmware for Archos 605 wifi to work with Dish's ViP622 DVR receiver? Thank you!
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    Tech Chat Recap 11/12

    Archos Gen 5 I checked both websites for Archos and Dishnetwork but could not find the firmware to download in order to work with ViP622. Can some one advise?
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    Is "E" violating the contract?

    No, but I assume when you tried to upgrade to GW+HD, GWHD package was more available.
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    Is "E" violating the contract?

    Finally I got a call from "E" Executive office last night and saying my Greatwall HD would remain as it is, which means I don't need to get American Top 100 in order to get HD package. I believe they figured out if they terminate the contract, I may downgrade the package or switch to other...