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    rugby world cup

    Thanks! That's great news for rugby fans in the US. D has been showing the super 15 matches on The rugby channel (ch 490). They only show them live though. That means in the middle of the night here in the US. I just record them for later viewing.
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    rugby world cup

    Has anyone heard which network will carry the rugby world cup matches this year?
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    CONTEST - Enter to Win: GEOSATpro DVR1100c w/15GB HDD, 90cm Dish - Complete System

    Returning t school was NOT at the top of my list. I did enjoy the cooler weather, halloween, and then Thanksgiving ,which meant good food and time with the family.
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    setanta sports

    Is setanta sports going off the air? Or just Direct TV?
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    Contest - Two Free GEOSATpro SL2 Bullet LNBFs - Enter to Win! Ends 2.2.2009

    I learned about FTA while searching the internet for an alternative for Skyangel DBS, which was, at that time, about to "transition" to IPTV.
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    Thanksgiving Contest - Free Glorystar DSR100c System - Enter to Win! Ends 12.1.2008

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is from 1976 . That was the last time we had a white Thanksgiving. I would love to have snow for Thanksgiving this year.
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    maximum adventure network

    What happened to maximum adventure network (MAN)? It was one of my favorite channels. Yesterday evening it was listed in the grid as "channel no longer avaliable. " It will be missed at my house.
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    Setanta sports "in the clear" tonight?

    I'm seeing it too. I hope it remains long enough to see some rugby!
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    Enter to Win: M-II Motorized FTA System $280 valuereceivers - Endng 6/30/08

    I want to win! My first motorized system did not work out.
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    raising signal quality

    I finally received my long awaited motorized fta system from satellite av. After locating Galaxy 25, my signal strength was 8o to 90. My quality was only 35 to 45. No amount of tweaking was able to raise it any. If the signal is near 90, is there any need to relocate the dish? The location is...
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    Welcome New Members! (Please Say HI here!)

    I found your forum while searching for information on the end of SA on satellite. I have ordered and received a Fortec motorized system. The installation of my ground-mounted pole is complete, but the Arkansas weather is not cooperating. Maybe in the next few days the rain will subside enough...