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    Canadian TV in USA??

    I have been reading about a lot about people in the US somehow getting one of the Canadian services for CBC, sports, and other stuff that is either not available or too expensive here. I would want the most Canadian networks, American networks, and sports channels. Also more music video...
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    StarChoice or ExpressVu in the US???

    I am not sure about how the laws are with Canadian satellite. Are their services allowed in the US, and if not, how does one get past the formalities?
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    Sports Territory Map

    Does anybody know if there is a website that shows maps of team terrirtories? For example, say I want to see which areas are not blacked out for the Red Wings, or which markets are primary and secondary for the Packers. I know there are sites where you put in your zip and teams are returned...
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    POKER? Why????

    Maybe I am not in the loop or something here. How can ESPN, ESPN2, and all the RSNs on DirecTV consider poker a sport? I am not sure what the technical definition of a sport is, but I could never classify any card game as sport-worthy. Wouldn't it be better served on the Game Show Network...
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    SportsPack Question

    I have the SportsPack. I am knowledgeable in how the PRO teams work their blackouts on the SportsPack. What I don't know is how sports like college football are affected by the blackouts. What other sports are affected and how?
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    Aligning a Multi-Satellite Dish (3 LNB)

    I have had DirecTV since Feb 28 of this year. I am using a Multi-Satellite Dish (3 LNB). It seems like rain and cloudy weather really effects the signal a lot. Does anyone know how to tell if the dish is aimed properly or as good as it can be? Are there certain locations and transponders to...
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    What spotbeams am I getting?

    Does anybody know how to figure out exactly which spotbeams are being received and which locals are on those beams?