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    Cancelled DirecTV-Went to Comcast

    We want HD locals in Lansing, MI. I wanted two H-20's so I could at least use my OTA antenna with diplexers to get HD locals through the same coax used for DirecTV. DirecTV can not supply two H-20's and cannot tell me when or even if we'll ever get HD-locals. I asked if I should "move" to a...
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    H20 OTA Scan Issue

    This morning I scanned OTA digitals for Lansing,MI because channel 10.1 changed from a UHF to a VHF frequency and I wasn't getting any signal at all. After scanning I had some 30 stations including Detroit, Flint and other non-locals. But the H20 kept trying to tune the old 10.1 frequency and...
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    Directv denies BestBuy HD Receiver Rebate

    When strolling thru' my BestBuy store in late October I found H-10 and H-20 receivers promoted at $200 with a $200 rebate. I asked if I was eligible because I was already an HD subscriber. BestBuy assured me I was so I bought an H-10. When studying my rebate forms at home I noted that I had...