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    922 Beta Done?

    I got an email overnight thanking me for participating in the 922 beta and asking me to fill out a final survey. I hope this is not the end of the beta, as this thing is NOT ready for the public. One thing I noticed at the beta feedback site is the picture of the 922 now shows the 922 with...
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    922 Sling Photos

    I am wondering if we got a new software release. Some things are now working for me that didn't work before and some of the icons seem different. Anyways people have been asking me how the sling works, some folks have said that the Sling function does not work. It works and now I can also...
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    Need Help 922

    We got our 922 in today and I hooked it up and am having some issues. When I got it, I turned it on and was prompted to press the SAT button to link the remote control. I did that fine and was taken to the Point Dish screen. When I got to this screen I was told that TV2 was in use would I...