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    Satellite Name Not Acquired

    I'm having the same problem with my 622.
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    "Upgraded" from VIP722 to two VIP612... now unsatisfying HD

    When you moved the old TV, could the picture settings have been lost? It would reset to defaults. The factory defaults (on the old and the new) are less than optimal, and you could notice the difference.
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    Why isn't Standard Definition (SD) quality better?

    I'm thinking that this is the most important point of all.
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    Change default from 20 saved recordings

    mountain, My 622 acts like you describe. However, 2 or 3 software updates ago you could easily change.
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    Weather induced loss of signal

    I figure go compare the antenna diameters.
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    Mobile locals in Auburn?

    Sasiki, Since you mentioned wanting to record games, it might be in your best interest to add a solo receiver on your account to take with you traveling, and leave the 722k at home to record.
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    TV Recomendations

    +1 :up
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    I noticed on the Diagnostics screens there are some entries for Check Switch.
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    Regional PBS Channels

    I checked it and the state I reside in (Alabama) was the only one not greyed out.
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    622 losing video

    I have, starting acouple of days ago. One of my entire recordings over the weekend was the way you described, as well as certain channels yesterday. Hovever, this morning the video was OK, but I lost audio. :confused:
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    9/17/2010 4:51am - Uplink Activity Report - 4 changes

    What does HBO have to do with the Disney dispute? You think that maybe it is to market HBO, and hope to get new subscribers. :confused:
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    I wonder what would happen if

    You don't have to pay them. Just pay UPS/Fedex directly to ship it back.
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    DON'T DO IT! Wasted bandwidth. :eek:
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    Guide for Green 194 wrong but Direct TV right

    Go to Direct so you won't have anything to troll about.
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    Looking for QUALITY UHF / VHF TV antenna

    I didn't realize anyone made the elements out of solid aluminum. I think I'd like to have one!
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    7/28/2010 3:26pm - Uplink Activity Report - 74 changes

    So it's kinda like DNS, where the PID is the IP Address, and USA-HD is the URL?
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    Been With DISH 48 Hours And Am NOT Happy!

    Why is the op/thread in the Technical Discussions section?