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    A heads up on a new promotion..

    I just called and asked the CSR if there were any promotions on HBO at this time. She said they just started an unadvertised promo from there "best customers" They are offering any Movie Channel for $10.00 off for six months. So I took HBO for $3.00 a month for six months... just wanted to...
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    Weirdest thing ever!

    I just logged on to D's website and looked at my account and found a surprise: Current Programming Choices: Network: CBS HD DIRECTV DVR Service Network: NBC HD Network: CW Network: CBS from NYC/LA Network: NBC from NYC/LA Network: ABC from NYC/LA Network: FOX from NYC/LA TOTAL...
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    How do waivers work?

    I just called D* and asked to add 385 CW to my distant locals. The CSR said I needed a waiver, could take 45 days... Then he asked if I had a working roof mounedt antenna, then asked why I received Distants..told him due to mountains I am unable to recieve signal.. are these normal questions...
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    New prices/packages?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything on new prices and or new packages coming real soon? Rumors say in Feb..
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    Does D* still offer paperless billing?

    I was one of those a few months ago that D* switched to paperless bills without letting me know... Got it switch back after reading about it on this site. I have decided that I would like to go back to paperless bills (email). The D* site has a tab that says change to paperless bill but the link...
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    Another R15 question

    Just noticed when the guy from D* set up my new R15 he put my zipcode as 22222... Could this be why I had some sports blacked out this weekend? Can I change it?
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    Can I stop recording Showcases?

    Does anyone know how to stop a R15 from recording D*'s showcases?
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    Can D take away my distants?

    I live in rural PA ...when I signed up for D* 2 years ago I qualified for Distants locals. This fall my county has redone all addresses to do away with the "RR". I went to the look up tool for D* and it now says I don't qualify for ABC OR NBC, just FOX AND CBS. If I type in the old address it...
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    R15 Remote question

    Does anyone know what the Format button on the remote is for? Sorry for being dumb but in the manual doesn't show that button...
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    A DVR upgrade question(s)

    I hope someone can help me. I am think of upgrading to a DVR for one of my receivers. Right now I have a single LNB dish that runs to D10 receivers (mirrored). I would like to add a DVR to one of the rooms. I have read 2 cables are needed to run a DVR, so do I need a new Dish? I have heard...
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    Help hooking up D10 to new TV

    I was hoping someone could help me with my new TV set up... I have a D10-100 that I want to hook to a new Sony Wega,(Standard-Definition Digital TV Model: KD-32FS170) I also am currantly using a VCR/DVD combo. The D10-100 doesn't have Component Video outputs but my VCR/DVD does. Should I...
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    MLB "Home Team" ?

    Does anyone know where I can find a list that shows which MLB teams claim areas by zip code? Thanks
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    RSN lookup on new D* site?

    I have looked and looked and can't seem to find the RSN zipcode lookup page on the new D* website. Anyone know where else I can look?
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    Total Choice Plus

    Does anyone know how much Total choice Plus Without locals would cost?
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    Channel 103

    Anyone notice channel 103 MRO in the guide?
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    This may be old news but I just realized while watching the Yankee game on YES, if I hit the yellow button on the remote the sound changes to Spanish...
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    Maybe someone knows the answer to this. I have the SportsPak, when MLB Spring Training games are on live I receive them, but the replays are blacked out (Not available in your area)..??
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    Address change?

    Well today I found out my address is officially changing, something to do with 911 services. How should I go about handling this with D*? I see on the D* website where I can change my billing address but I can't change the service address online. I am almost scared at the thought of explaining...
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    HEARTS Program

    I saw in another thread that D* has something called the HEARTS program, What exactly is this??
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    Signal levels..Is it normal...

    Can someone tell me if it is normal to have some transponder that read 0? Here are my levels: 1. 90 2. 85 3. 88 4. 0 5. 88 6. 91 7. 87 8. 88 9. 87 10. 84 11. 90 12. 0 13. 90 14. 92 15. 90 16. 90 17. 88 18. 100 19. 89 20. 0 21. 91 22. 90 23. 90 24...