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    Who has better HD quality?

    all ota i have seen, even with subchannels, is better than all satellite/cable hdtv i have seen. however i had a pretty junky cable service
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    Anyone having trouble with Dish OTA HD tuners?

    I use OTA on my 622 w/ indoor silver sensor antenna. Most of the time it's great reception, but occasionally I'll have one channel KLCS where I am getting 65 one day and nothing the next. Overall I am very happy with the OTA capabilities b/c it gives complete listings for sub-channels, and...
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    622, HDMI, Home Theater

    none of the HDMI problems on this device could adversely effect the other units in my system that are hooked up to the 622 via HDMI , right?
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    Review: AT&T U-VERSE

    IMO Verizon did the right mix of existing software tech while investing their $ in infrastructure. They didn't reinvent the wheel with their TV service. At&t felt they could make up the difference of hardware investment through software which seems not only dumb in the short-term but dumb in...
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    Does Heroes live up to the hype?

    I loved the 1st few episodes but it got boring quickly for me
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    Do you remember when SNL was great?

    tina is awesome in 30 rock, i didn't even know she was in snl. nowadays u have shows like colbert report that take what was sketches and stretch it out to half an hour everyday so it makes sense imo snl would suck more and more as time goes on as # of channels increase.
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    Scifi Hd

    Well they can just up convert everything and add 2 nifty hd bars on either side so we think we are getting an HD channel. It worked re: ESPN2.
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    *Sigh* D* just added 4 new HD locals

    nbc has some good hd content imo, 'move' may be worth the hassle
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    SD/HD on Panasonic TH-50PX60U Plasma

    yours may already have the newest firmware b/c you aren't seeing that issue. as far as where to get it, I am guessing panasonic site but I cannot remember. on avsforum in the flat panel forum there is a thread that may have info, or you can start a thread with this question and someone should...
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    SD/HD on Panasonic TH-50PX60U Plasma

    I have that TV (at least I am pretty sure that is the one). One thing that might be useful is to find a spare SD card, download the newest firmware for the TV from the net, and upload it to the tv through the card reader. it improves visual quality imo, reducing the clay face thing to a great...
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    Fox News HD

    lol, it must be respectable journalism if it can entertain the masses. Stats & studies mean nothing btw, in 2003 study showed Fox News viewers have more 'mis perceptions' (that being generous) about the war then any other network, and I'm sure the fox devotees would argue that one.
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    First Look: DishONLINE

    If we are talking about only Xbox 360 specifically, I don't think it supports HDMI so that is one difference.
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    622 OTA signal loss

    This same thing happens to me with KTLA OTA sometimes.
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    What's the best way to order Dish Network? (and which HDTV antennae should I get?)

    I am sorry you misinterpreted my post. My comment was not aimed at Claude or anyone else specific. It was a general statement re: any 3rd party. I simply thought a different opinion might be useful.
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    What's the best way to order Dish Network? (and which HDTV antennae should I get?)

    Since the equipment is free with no contract either way, I don't see advantage of using a 3rd party. If you use for Dish for everything, there can be no finger pointing if problems occur. I remember one case here where Dish told the customer to contact the installer.
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    PBS to DBS: Carry Our HDTV Signals!

    I would just want subchannel -1. I get KCETand KOCE OTA and '-1' looks great to me. I do agree with the whole promo thing.
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    PBS to DBS: Carry Our HDTV Signals!

    I wish they had the local HD version of our PBS channel though. It has some really great shows that aren't available elsewhere.
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    HOORAY! Escape from DISH in sight!

    Why does he not like it?
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    AT&T Homezone Update

    I heard at&t might be DirecTV. Charlie says they aren't involved in merger talks right now. at&t has invested a lot in uverse, but with DirecTV they can offer TV services in all 50 states, a beginning to getting a national footprint again. I asked them re: what will happen to homezone...
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    More Bad News HBO sues echostar

    A service provider today without HBO would be a joke IMO. Even cheap motels have HBO. I have little interest in pay TV, but I think it would be hard for many to take dish network seriously if they couldn't even hold on to pay tv channels.