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    Coolsat Looking for Coolsat 8000HD 20.25A firmware

    I just bought the oldie Coolsat 8000 HD receiver for $40. want to use it for as DTV receiver to connect to a monitor. It has S/W version 12.04.2F According to forum there is factory version 20.25A Unfortunately, I can not find this file, links are dead. I hope someone could re-post this file...
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    Direct TV broker for Canada

    I am looking for a broker to purchase Direct TV service in Canada Is it possible at all ? Does any broker exist ? Thanks!
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    Who is selling Polish channels on 97W ?

    There are 2 Polish scrambled channels on 97W TP21...TV Polonia and Tele5 Both encrypted, but I am getting a decent signal. Anybody knows who is selling these channels, where can I buy it, how much, etc..... Thanks!
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    LNB skew vs DISH skew

    I have a small dish (around 22") which rotates. Thinking of removing rotating parts and attach it to a larger (30") dish to make dish skewable. I would like to know whether it is worth the effort, and I will end up with some gains compared to just skew the LNB on a same dish? Thanks for all...
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    circular lnb to linear lnb convert

    I got this rarely seen lnb, round shape, ku band circular single lnb, lo=10.750 Ghz, Input=11.70-12.75 Ghz, NF=0.5 dB seems like the frequency (11.70-) is fine for fta, however the circular polarization is a problem thinking of taking off the front cap and removing inside the plates to make...
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    89w Galaxy 28 ku missing 3 ABC channels

    I have a dish pointed to Galaxy 28 Ku @89w and used to get 3 ABC channels on it, at TP 11954 V 19532 ....News1 Live, Absat Ch2+ABC News Now Now I am no longer getting any signal on that TP. First I thought maybe my dish moved, bad connection,bad switch, etc...but then i did a Blind Scan and...
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    Paint on the LNB ?

    I have an LNB which has its front white protective plastic cap badly discolored. Since the dish is mounted low, near the house, and a very visible location, this LNB is not a pretty sight. Thinking of spraying this plastic cap with some white outdoor paint, maybe an acrylic-latex or an enamel...
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    Starchoice Dish with LNB

    Someone is offering me a plastic 60E Starchoice Dish (18x32"), which is coming with a Dual Quad Output Switchable KU LNB Model Name: MSDC 1631AA Please see attached 2 pictures. They do not know how old is, because it came with the house when they bought it. It looks like very similar to the...
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    Dish elavation 9.66 ----doable ???

    at my location, sat angle calculator gave me 9.66 dish elevation for telstar 12 @15w is this doable or it is just too low ? thanks
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    Signal loss on a 22 khz switch

    I have a Gecen SW-03/P 22 khz switch, when I connect it , the signal level on a weak FTA channel goes down from 31 % to 26 %.........which is 16 % loss. Just wondering if this is normal for a 22 khz switch, and what kind of losses others have with different brands of 22 khz switches ? Thanks!
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    Starchoice 60e dish + quad LNB

    I haved a Starchoice 60e plastic oval dish , with an LNB This is what a label says: Dual Sat Quad Output Switchable Ku LNBF Model Name LM-2738-SC Input Freq 11.7- 12.2 Output Freq 950 - 1450 (non stacked) Linear polarization Vertical 10 -15v Horizontal 16 -20v For use with 60E Dish...
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    119W Echostar7 footprint

    I am trying to locate a footprint map for 119W Echostar7. Did several search on this website, unfortunately I could not locate any map for this bird (but seen many nice ones for other sats) Could someone, who has it, post it for me or send me in the the correct direction. Thanks for your help !
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    In-Line amplifier

    Just bought a new Digiwave A04-20 20 dB 950-2150 Mhz In-line amplifier on E-bay, hoping to improve a signal sthrenght from Hispasat 30W, after 100 ft cable+splitter+22Khz switch+ Diseqc switch. Connected between the LNB input on my receiver and the incoming cable, checked levels on channels...
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    Telecaribe on Hispasat 30w????

    Could someone verify for me that Telecaribe at 11934 V on Hispasat 30W is still transmitting ?? It used to be a strong TP, and a easy one to get, but now I got no longer any signal on TP 11934. The others are still coming in fine (listed in order of signal strenght) 11885 V...
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    DUNA TV no longer free on 97W

    Information for anybody missing/looking for DUNA TV on 97W (still listed as free on Lyngsat) The following message was shown at the bottom of the screen during the last few weeks : (translated from hungarian) To our north-american viewers attention The will be a change in...
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    WhiteSprings TV @129

    I have just completed my setup to 129 w to take a closer look at WhiteSprings TV and so far I am very disapponted what I have found::o Their website states: "White Springs TV delivers primarily classic movies, and made for TV movies from the '60s, '70s and '80s. All 6000+ titles are...
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    Which LNBF to buy ?

    I am trying to choose between two LNBF to buy, Iceberg wrote a positive review of the "Techsat Tracker" and PSB wrote a similar positive review about the DMS "BSC321S " LNBF. When I compare those two, their specs are very close. Anyone tried out both and compared them to each other ...
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    What is inside a two way splitter ??

    I found two type of two way splitters out there: A) All Port Power Pass B) One Port Power Pass (second port DC blocked) Just wondering, if anybody took any of this splitter a part by removing rear cover to see what is inside ??? My best guess is , that : "A" has two diodes with...
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    2 4x1 DISEQC Switch + 22 Khz switch ?

    I have read a post about that it may be possible to use 2 4x1 Diseqc switches and connect their output to a 22 khz tone switch to create a 8 input 1 output setup. (see attachment) My understanding is that by turning OFF or ON the 22 khz, it will select the input of the 22 khz it...
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    Two practical application for your big dish

    Your BUD could be used for other practical purposes, here are two of my favorites: 1) Use it as a roof for your Gazebo 2)Make it a Solar cooker