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    ATSC 3.0 in Baltimore

    I scanned WNUV's ATSC 3.0 signal into my Nextgen ready Sony XBR-55X900H yesterday. My set indicates that WBAL and WMPT-TV are both 1080p not 1080i as stated on the RabbitEars Info site. In any regard, the picture looks great!
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    The Blaze TV now on FAVE TV

    The Blaze TV network is now on FAVE TV channel 206 Jeff
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    Newbie on Sky Angel Channels

    Yes, Fox News is in the FAVE TV lineup.
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    David and Goliath

    From Forbes Magazine September 10, 2012: "The Tiny TV Broadcaster That Cable And Internet Giants Are Trying To Kill" This is what happens when companies become...
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    Any outages yesterday evening?

    We experienced the exact same symptoms in our two vehicles. Everything was back to normal the next morning.
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    New Channels Added to Sky Angel

    Five new channels have been added to the Sky Angel lineup: Pets TV Recipe TV My destinatiion TV Wealth TV Cars TV These have been added to the Family Package
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    Sky Angel New Receiver

    I had Sky Angel when they were on satellite and continued with their IPTV service nearly 2 years ago. As far as speed, they have always recommended a minimum of 1.5mbps. I'm happy with the service as they provide access to programs such as Wretched, Word Pictures and Grace to You on networks...
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    Sky Angel New Receiver

    Here is the Neulion page that gives the specs. for the new receiver: NeuLion - Internet Television Technology Innovators (IPTV) - What We Do
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    Familynet 161 off the air come december?

    Wretched Radio FamilyNet and the program "Wretched Radio" is the main reason I subscribed to Sirius nearly 3 years ago. Very disappointed!
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    New Things on Sky Angel

    One correction, this function works for ALL channels. This is a great feature, Now I can remove all of the "WOF" (TBN, GEB etc...) as well as shopping channels from my lineup.
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    Discovery to terminate agreement with Sky Angel

    Our Letter to Discovery Communications I sent this email to Discovery Communications and will follow up by sending a hard copy via snail mail. Mr. Zaslav, We are Sky Angel subscribers who have been very pleased with our IPTV service and its programming choices. It saddens and disappoints...
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    FCC National Broadband Goals

    The FCC has created a Broadband web site that Sky Angel subs and those considering subscribing should be interested in The site provides a link for a speed test that not only reports your download and upload speeds but also latency and jitter. A description of each...
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    Sky Angel WebTV Worldwide

    Many of the Sky Angel Faith channels are now available on your computer worldwide. I don't know if the VOD channels are available yet. Neulion - Newsletter. Jeff
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    NRB Network Now on Sky Angel

    Good news! NRB Network is now on Sky Angel channel 126
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    Any word on Skyangel adding more channels?

    It looks like it's gone. It was a .2 channel on WGCB-DT Red Lion, PA but has been replaced with Universal Sports as well. I remember when it debuted on Sky Angel satellite as "FaithTV". I hope the NRB Channel is added soon. Jeff
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    New to Skyangel! Suggestions?

    We love Wretched TV and FamilyNet as well. America's Talk Network (ch201) and Bott (ch202) are our favorite radio channels, but that could change if the daily Wretched Radio program was added to one of the channels. In addition to Wretched, check out Word Pictures on TLN (ch113) Mon-Thu at...
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    Any word on Skyangel adding more channels?

    They were on the box but have been taken off. They have been removed from their web site as well. They won't be missed by me. Jeff
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    Any word on Skyangel adding more channels?

    ALN; American Life Network is now on Sky Angel channel 303. Jeff
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    Any word on Skyangel adding more channels?

    I took the survey and entered Sky Angel IPTV. CMC would be a great addition to SA. Jeff
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    Any word on Skyangel adding more channels?

    American Family Radio (AFR) was an audio channel on Sky Angel satellite once upon a time. AFA television appears to be very informative and an excellent addition.