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  1. Proc

    Bold Predictions for the 2009 NFL Season

    I've got 'em (my beloved Lions) winning 4 games. :)
  2. Proc

    NFL draft

    I look forward to Matt Millen's annual draft day screw up (although Ernie Sims and Roy Williams were good picks, but can you say Charles Rogers, Joey Harrington and Mike Williams...ugh). Anyhow, watch Mr. 26-76 screw this draft up too. One playoff win in 50 years. GO LIONS!!!
  3. Proc

    Happless NFL Teams

    15 years only? The last Lions championship was in 1957 before the Super Bowl existed. Since then? One playoff win. Ugh. LOL...I just read what Paul wrote...same thing...GMTA...
  4. Proc

    Happless NFL Teams

    Lions are 23-71 during the Millen regime. This has to be as bad as the first several years of the Tampa Bay expansion. I remember when people here got ticked off at the 8-8 seasons. I would love to see an 8-8 season again. The Lions and Raiders could both lose out and the Raiders could...
  5. Proc

    Ohio State vs Flordia for the National Championship

    As a Michigan alum and fan, all I can say is we got robbed. I can sympathize with Auburn from a few years ago. Until the BCS has a real playoff in place, this subjective stuff will take away from the whole thing. Buckeyes will roll the Gators. It won't be close.
  6. Proc

    BREAKING NEWS: Bo Schembechler Dies

    Rest in peace, Bo. -Darren, Michigan Class of '88
  7. Proc

    No World Series in N.Y again, Priceless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obviously being a native Detroiter and lifelong Tiger fan I am going to pick the Tigers. I think it'll be close though and will go 6 or 7 games. I think the lineups matchup well, but I think the Tigers pitching is better. I have tickets for Game 6. Go Tigers!
  8. Proc

    Ohio State vs Michigan

    Still on track for the big game on November 18...Michigan and Ohio State! Michigan has to get by Iowa this week. After that, the schedule is pretty easy. Jimbos we could get our big cool would that be?
  9. Proc

    Tigers vs Cardinals in world series

    I've been to both of the "Roger's Games" (6-0 vs. Yankees and 3-0 vs. A's). I am speechless. Go Tigers! And Jimbos...only a few more weeks until your #1 Buckeyes and my #2 Wolverines (they'll get to #2 by November) happens! -Darren (proc) UM '88 and lifelong Tiger fan... ;-)
  10. Proc

    Tigers vs Cardinals in world series

    Whooooooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo! I was at the game last night (Kenny Roger's gem). The town was alive. Baseball is back in this town after two decades.
  11. Proc

    Ohio State vs Michigan

    Jimbos...could our dream matchup of #1 OSU and #2 UM really happen??? How cool would that be?
  12. Proc

    2006 Baseball Division Series Playoffs

    My beloved Detroit Tigers have slayed the Yankees. Its been a long time coming here in Motown. Detroit - Oakland coming up. I remember being in 2nd grade and the mighty A's of Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Catfish Hunter, Vida Blue, etc. beat the Tigers. I remember Bert Campanaris throwing his...
  13. Proc

    Tigers WHIP Yankees - Evil Empire lays another egg

    I've been a Tiger fan my whole life (41 years old). I've been to games since I was a little kid. I remember a few years ago when they Tigers lost 119 games sitting in a section when my kid and I were literally the only ones in that section during a late September game. I was at Game 3 the...
  14. Proc

    Center Ice package

    Cable has the Center Ice package as well and they only offer one feed of each game. Dish offers the home/road feeds of all games? So if the Red Wings are playing the Rangers they have the FSN Detroit and MSG feeds on separate channels???
  15. Proc

    Ohio State vs Michigan

    Ah the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. I love it. Of course, I am a Michigan fan (Class of '88), but I respect the Buckeyes bigtime. I even (gasp!) rooted for them to win the National Championship over Miami a few years ago and that is saying alot. In a perfect world, both teams would come...
  16. Proc

    Yankees are Peaking at Perfect Time

    I hate the Yankees. ;-) GO TIGERS!!!
  17. Proc

    Tigers vs Cardinals in world series

    I remember the Doyle Alexander deal well. 1987. They shipped a very young Smoltz (now a legitimate Hall of Famer) for the old guy Doyle. It looked like a bargain at the time, when Alexander went 9-0 down the stretch and the Tigers caught the Blue Jays and won the AL East (before they went to...
  18. Proc

    Tigers vs Cardinals in world series

    I am 41 years old and a life-long Tigers fan. I've had a 20-game package since Comerica Park opened and remember many, many games at Tiger Stadium, including a few historic ones for sure. Considering the 119-loss season in '03, this start is amazing. We here in Motown (and Tigers fans...
  19. Proc

    Go Cavs

    We here in Motown are still in shock. The Pistons didn't lose 3 in a row all year and after Games 1 and 2, I thought a sweep was on its way. I have to give it to the Cavs. Their game plan has been solid. LeBron is simply spectacular. If he is this good at 21, how good will he be at, say...
  20. Proc

    NFL Network to show Thur/Sat Games

    Some cable networks have the NFL Network in HD, but not D*. I also read that the games would be shown on the local affiliate of the teams being played. Think it'll be in HD?