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  1. Frank7004

    Is the 922 free yet?

    Like the caller have to have the CID feature activated through your phone company to ha e CID on your tv. And krell, the masses are idiots. I spent 2 years sealing with them. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  2. Frank7004

    Is the 922 free yet?

    On behalf of the tech, several things come to mind. -none of which are your fault nor should you need to teach the tech how to do his job, in your home. I blame Dish. This is my opinion based off of my experiences. First off, when the 922 rolled out, only a few select people were "allowed"...
  3. Frank7004

    How can I convince DISH to let me install an additional 722?

    Few reasons come to my mind. First is that dish wants to make sure every receiver is connected via BB or at least a phone line. No real way to MAKE SURE that is completed unless a tech comes out. The second is that certain codes must be met for an install. About the only way to get it done is...
  4. Frank7004

    New Roof

    The last thing I would do is have a non dish professional reinstalling a dish to a roof. I can't even begin to count how many dish "fixes" I went to where I completely had to reinstall a dish on a roof, after they just had a roof put on. -and of course they are pissed. If you have a clear show...
  5. Frank7004

    Is the 922 free yet?

    No. First off, going from a tech to a customer was an absolute nightmare in terms of getting the service and just becoming a "customer". Now, the 922 becomes free for almost everyone and somehow they want me to pay for it. I'm not in a contract, will gladly be in a contract, gladly pay the extra...
  6. Frank7004

    Is the 922 free yet?

    They still want $200 from me for it. Evidently, my "credits with Dish have been exhausted." This started when I went from being a tech to a customer, told them I wanted new customer pricing...I got the pricing I wanted, but that eliminates me from the ability to get a 922. I can't canx my...
  7. Frank7004

    Just upgraded to 922!!

    I chatted first thing this morning, the rep said they were no free, didn't know anything of the "free 922" Just called...after 11min wait I ended the call. I cant have mine installed until Wednesday big deal.
  8. Frank7004

    Just upgraded to 922!!

    I disagree! The only people I know who don't like it are the haters on here. A 922 is not nor will ever be a 722. I used to think otherwise until I started to mess with them. Claude, I'm surprised you have the opinion you do. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  9. Frank7004

    EHD question

    The 922 is in a league of its own. Looking at it on paper is totally different than seeing it in person. I won't pay $200 up front for it...I will take it for a two year commitment and pay the $4 extra a month for it (for its extra features)
  10. Frank7004

    EHD question

    Thank you for the responses. I was sure of my thinking but wanted reassurance.
  11. Frank7004

    EHD question

    With the anticipation of the 922 being free on Oct 1 (for most customers) .....the boss said I could do the upgrade but is a bit bummed that we will lose some programs on the DVR. Question is: EHD's are compatible with all receivers on your account, correct? So when my 722 gets deactivated and...
  12. Frank7004

    Where's the Sling Extender?

    Early March, I installed my neighbors system. 2hd tvs, 1 722 with the intention on getting the sling adapter "within a few months" that is what I was reading here and they were telling us in the weekly meetings. Last night he came over complaining and wondering where this sling adapter is...
  13. Frank7004

    Logitec Revue free for new customers?

    A friend of mine was telling me that he got his revue free, as a new customer. Anyone else get theirs for free?
  14. Frank7004

    SatelliteGuys Review: Logitech Revue with GoogleTV – A Diamond in the Rough

    Is google tv free for new customers. --- - Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Frank7004

    Dish Launches 1st Ever 24/7 English-language Channel About China

    So the west can see how china does things? Really? Before long china tv will be part of the welcome pack. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys
  16. Frank7004

    SatelliteGuys Review: Logitech Revue with GoogleTV – A Diamond in the Rough

    What might you be talking about? -referring to the $70 rebate
  17. Frank7004

    Tailgater device...any updates?

    Sounds to me like its on strike. lol. goes well with todays sports.
  18. Frank7004

    SatelliteGuys Review: Logitech Revue with GoogleTV – A Diamond in the Rough

    Still showing $179- on the Dish website. Stemming from the other website, I anticipate Dish lowering the price well below $99-
  19. Frank7004

    Logitech google tv will DISH have an NEW LOWER price?????

    $100 at beat buy, I'm expecting steep cuts through dish. My cc is ready. Sent from my iPhone using SatelliteGuys