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    Where to buy an external USB Hard Drive

    My Maxtor came with one USB and two Ethernet ports. Now I know what the Ethernets are for. Can they be used to hook up a second external hard drive?
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    Dell Computer System:

    That is good. I am going to have to visit their site more often. I have a Dell 8400 but I payed close to $1,500. It has the same RAM and hard disk space but came with surround speakers and a twenty inch flat screen LCD monitor, a ROM drive and a DVD/ CD burner and a remote Keyboard. I...
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    Where to buy an external USB Hard Drive

    I purchased one from about a year ago. It was a Maxtor 300GB. I use it for my downloaded DVDs. I also have my computer backed up on it with a Nero compression file. It has two Ethernets and one USB. I have it connected by USB. When you go to the site you will have a variety to...
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    Official East Coast Snow Storm Discussion Thread

    I live in central NJ along the coast. There has been nothing but sleet so far an the temperature has been about 39 degrees all day. No accumulation. We are supposed to get the worst of it along the coast. They are predicting 10 to15 inches. Why couldn't it have been on an evening before I go...