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    Antenna bad again on my new Corolla

    I tried to connect an after market antenna with no success and much money spent. Reception is better with a new Toyota antenna, but reception is not great here in Maine.
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    Antenna bad again on my new Corolla

    This is the second time my XM antenna has gone bad on my 2010 Toyota Corolla. It took me 4 months to get the dealer to repair it last time because they were not sure what the problem was. I went to the dealer yesterday and the head service writer said I am not the ony one having problems. He was...
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    When was Sirius/XM Better?!

    For some reason I had better reception here in Maine before the merger. My new Corolla has terrible reception. They have changed the receiver and antenna, but reception still is not good. My truck with an Onyx has prroblems also. A buffer should be built in for this issue.
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    More dropouts on factory installed unit than my portable

    I have a self installed xm radio that works better than the factory unit in my new corolla. I can be in the middle of a parking lot and the xm in the corolla works when it wants to. Of course the radio would not act up when the dealer looked at it.
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    XM Annual Renewal

    I just got a new car with XM. I already had 2 radios, but one was my daughter's. I called and told them I was going to cancel my old radios if I didn't get a deal. They said $88 per radio. I still had a 2 month credit for the old 2 radios. The added charge came to $198 for 3 radios for a year.:)