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    Official DISH Channel Request Thread

    NECN news channel.
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    eastern arc dish 1000.4 in halifax, ns

    Unless things have changed sat 77 could not be used for Maine so I don't think it will reach N.S. I have 2 Dish 500's in Rangeley Maine with single lnb's for 62.5 and 72.
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    Great job Scott. Thanks for the great video.
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    3 Months Free HBO

    Less than a month ago I was turned down on chat. There must have asked me 5 different things to verify my account. Chat was a bigger waste of time.
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    3 Months Free HBO

    I was just turned down over the phone and I mentioned I heard about it here. Maybe because I had free cinemax just a short time ago. Just just wanted HBO for 3 months, but no way.
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    Guide change

    Don't tell my wife! I told her I would have to get bigger TV's. Of course she just laughed.
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    Help a first-timer with an Eastern Arc 1000.4 dish install

    Sat 77 does not work well for Maine at all. Nothing on there for us because of that.:rolleyes:
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    Statement from DISH - Not Getting the New HD?

    I have my 110/119 & 61.5 change to Eastern arch and he changed 508 for a 612 for $100, but I got to keep both old dishes and DP44 switch. The readings sat 77 are around 20 which we know is a problem for Maine .
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    Anyone else denied hd for life?

    I used to pay for the year in advance, but the billing computer would take the 2 premium discount away and I would have to call every month to get Starz and HBO for $22.
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    Will Dishpro dual work for sat 72 or 77

    Thanks! It is amazing how much more I know than people installing Dish because of this site. :)
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    Will Dishpro dual work for sat 72 or 77

    I was going to buy a dish 500 and a dishpro dual to aim at sat 72 at my camp to combine with the dish I have aimed at 61. The retailer wasn't sure if this LNB would work. I believe it will, but he thinks 72 is like 118 which is KU I think. He just wants to sell me the right dish. My camp is in...
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    No New HD for these cities?

    If the national channels are all moving to 72 then Portland Maine locals should move from 61.5 to 72 and only 72 would be needed
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    Why no EA on new customer install?

    I am in Lewiston which is about 45 minutes from Gardiner.:)
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    Why no EA on new customer install?

    My son has a 508 in his room,but he moves away in May. I will wait, I do not want 3 dishes on my house.
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    Why no EA on new customer install?

    I believe the retailer said he could cover 77 during ck switch and losing reception notice would go away. Is National PBS on EA?
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    Why no EA on new customer install?

    A retailer I spoke to in Lewiston is still installing EA, but Dish employee told me no EA because of what Scott said.
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    Why no EA on new customer install?

    Would EA dish work with 77 lnb covered with foil or sometihing else?
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    Volume unequalized on 622

    I have noticed this audio problem with my 622 only in the last month. I did move the 622 to a Sony LCD that has a steady sound setting, but the setting on the TV does not help. :)
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    No Eastern Arch Dish for Maine

    Dish came to my house this week to upgrade a receiver. I asked him about the Eastern Arch dish problems in Maine and he said it would probably work in southern Maine, but Dish has told them no more Eastern Arch dish installs in Maine.:)
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    Legacy Twin

    When you do a check switch what should it say? Would it say Legacy twin? It has been a long time since the install, I was visiting there Sunday and it got brought up again because they do not get the locals that are on 110. From what I remember, the receiver acted like a single LNB was...