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    Biggest one for a few years... Video Geomagnetic Storm Likely From Solar Flare Tempest | Video | Story:
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    Bear arrested for stealing cable

    I thought you guys might like this.:D NJ Cable Guy Finds Black Bear Asleep in Basement | NBC New York
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    FIOS or Dish?

    I saw the U-verse thread and thought I would ask the same about FIOS :) I had pretty much decided to stick it out with Dish. The XIP receivers look interesting and BBC / Cartoon network are both SD on FIOS. However, verizon is offering a $500 gift card to switch. The IMG 1.9 will be out in my...
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    Bill Tweaking?

    I was wondering if there are any current promotions that could drop my monthly bill a little. I don't watch the movie channels like HBO / etc so I'm not really interested in that. I've been hanging on waiting for the sling extender or some sort of MRV so I could lower equipment costs. I'm not...
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    Title availability?

    Just curious... Do you think that there enough title available in your queue? All of mine are short wait to very long wait. I'm keeping Netflix for now and just getting xbox games from Blockbuster/Dish. ( I do have some movies at the bottom of the queue in case none of the games are available...
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    Lucky Dish :)

    A ~50-60 ft pine came down during the storm last night in my yard. It missed the Dish by a couple of feet. One of the branches was covering the dish last night, but I was able to run out and break it off pretty quickly. I guess the Dish has 8 lives left now. lol :D
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    USB fan on sale

    Not trying to SPAM anyone, but thought some of you might be interested in this. :) Facebook Exclusive Deal: Get $5 Off a Thermaltake Mobile Fan II External USB Cooling Fan with coupon code: HNQ34354! Was $14.99, Now $9.99! Do you have a PC stationed in a cabinet that continues to...
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    Yes, but will there be a fee?

    New Dish Network anti snow device. No word on integration fees yet. :D
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    Sling Catcher w/922

    Has anyone seen any additional information on the sling catcher ( or whatever its called ) ? I'm wondering if it will have any monthly fees. Also, is the 922 stable now? I was thinking about getting a 922 with the OTA module and a catcher or two sometime later on ( when the catcher is...
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    I dropped off my bad 722 at Fed Ex yesterday. The guy mentioned that they get "a lot of boxes going back to Dish". I realize that I've had 3 go back in the last 12 months, but is it really that much volume that the FedEx guy would notice? I don't really care, but it would seem that Dish would...
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    How well would a DISH DVR fly across the lawn?

    I really want to chuck the thing out of the window when it goes into after-burner mode in the middle of the night. :mad: I can't be the only one with a DVR in the bedroom. How do other people deal with the insane fan noise when it updates? ( I did get the update where it switched to a 3 hour...
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    Tips on dropping service?

    I am free from my contract with Dish now and I am looking at a FIOS bundle. With all of the new fees / policies, is there anything I should be careful about when dropping service with DISH? TIA
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    Does anyone use a hauppauge DVR with a Dish STB? I would like to use windows media center long term and thought I might try it out with my existing service first. I see that hauppauge has a new HD unit now. HD PVR Product overview Thanks in advance
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    Dish n it up?

    I don't see any offers when I sign in anymore. Is it gone, or is it that I don't qualify for something?
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    110/119/129 or EA?

    Should I stay with 110/119/129 or go to EA? I have the picture quality issues that I mentioned recently, but that could be something in my wiring / setup. The tech did mention that my system wasn't grounded and was generally substandard. Dish responed to my email and is offering to send...
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    110/119/129 Picture Quality?

    Long story short, I had the 61.5 / 110 / 119 setup for my locals. When BBC went HD, I called and requested a tech visit to fix it. I had expected to go to Eastern Arc to get the new channels, but the tech wanted to put me on 129. I didn't really care as long as I could get LOS to 129. I have...
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    OTA Newbie question...

    I started playing around with OTA a little bit late last year. I bought this antenna from Walmart ( RCA Amplified Digital Flat Indoor Antenna: TVs ) and put a tv tuner card in my PC with windows media center. It picks up about 2/3 of the "local" channels just fine and the others...
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    Monoprice Fraud

    Thought I would share this since a lot of you might shop at monoprice.... Shuttered After Fraud Complaints — Krebs on Security Their facebook page is pretty busy with discussion.
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    Picture quality

    Is it just me or is the picture quality (HD) worse lately? Could it have anything to do with my recent repoint from 61.5 to 129? TIA
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    I was supposed to move to Eastern Arc, but the installer wants to put me back on 129. She wants to move me from 61.5/110/119 to 110/119/129. I am in Richmond VA, will I get all of my channels? Thanks