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  1. jlo

    DVR on VIP22K?

    this is not a DVR, and these rcvrs were manufactured with two different motherboards. One board does support an External Hard drive, therefore would technically be able to record to it, however the other board does not support it. therefore, dish will not activate this feature for these rcvrs
  2. jlo

    Delayed Response

    nope, 625 got new software a few days ago that is causing a huge problem, we are trending this info to get a resolution and a quick sft fix, and it includes delayed response and blinking green light
  3. jlo

    622 gets loud at 3 am

    happens on my 722k also, not unusual
  4. jlo

    Need help with setup

    get a larger dish for 61.5, 30 inch or bigger
  5. jlo

    Tulsa HD Locals are gone...

    tulsa is a current channel issue so nobody is getting them right
  6. jlo

    VIP 922 RELEASE DATE!!!!!!

    you wont have to worry about that when they start bringing in MoCA
  7. jlo

    External HD USB Switch You Use?

    the rcvr wont recognize the switch
  8. jlo

    Need HELP using DVD recorder with Dish VIP722k HD box

    use yprpb and rca cables not an hdmi cable
  9. jlo

    Any benefits in buying a HD DVR?

    lease them and get DDA to save money on the fees. be aware as well that this rcvr can do external hard drive recording, so you wont need to own it to get a drive to hold more
  10. jlo

    dish 500 for 119 and 129

    dish 500h will get 119 and 129, i believe its a dpp dish and should have the input on the lnb for your other single feed from 110. using a dish 500 will get you there, but signal wont be as good. i dont have the angles at the moment, i might be able to get back with them but it will be monday
  11. jlo

    Quiz - signal loss/channel bleed-in

    you dont need to unplug the system periodically, in a good install you wont ever have to. There was a Current Channel Issue with Cartoon Network recently, im not sure if it was just the HD feed tho, but if it was that would explain tv2 being okay. If it were a buffer error then its not going to...
  12. jlo

    72 v110 question

    skew will be different
  13. jlo

    622 Timers Gone/6 Hour Recordings

    yeah its one of those known product issues :( clearing timers and hard reset help too
  14. jlo

    622 UHF remote issue

    double check that the correct chip is in it. if it is only changing ir then the uhf in the remote may have failed, may need replacement
  15. jlo

    dish vip 722 dvr HD

    hd locals maybe. you can get 129 or 61.5
  16. jlo

    Cyclical remote dropout on Freq B

    if you want to test interference you have to take the antenna off, with it connected its still pulling in noise. i had someone with a water heater that caused uhf issues.... kinda strange!
  17. jlo

    I am getting 002 Error.

    check signal on both tuners, then swap the rcvrs
  18. jlo

    VIP 922 RELEASE DATE!!!!!!

    employees got beta, and its still glitchy :( gotta beef up the software!
  19. jlo

    I want satellite TV and hate cable.

    they will want to use a 6 inch by 4 or 6 inch post, or they can drop a pole
  20. jlo

    polarity problem, what is it?

    right CONN means you are connected correctly and your system is recognizing all the equipment but not getting signal