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    Need a Phone Number for XM dealer services

    I'm looking for a phone number for XM dealer services. Ive got some questions that regular CSR's just can't wrap their heads around.
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    Ground Loop Problem

    Any resoultion to your problem?
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    Best way to get apartment reception?

    this might be of some assistance its a wireless signal repeater the only problem you may have is it may need to go in a Neighbors apartment. ;)
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    XM vs. Sirius Round 3 Talk

    I don't badmouth either; I provide a review of both services with pluses and Minuses on both. And I don’t care if Howard takes a day off I just feel that he is only offering Customers 80% of the "Howard Stern" Show. Back on topic I voted Xm because of the well rounded line up they offer for...
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    XM vs. Sirius Round 3 Talk

    Go ahead tell my Mom Being in the Satellite Sales industry I stock and Sell both Sirius and XM I have Dealer Accounts from both as well. I try keep up to date on all aspects of sat radio, new shows, Shows leaving, Schedules, and other Programming ect. I Was a Howard Stern fan from about '95...
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    XM vs. Sirius Round 3 Talk

    ^First post. Yet another Howard troll. HooHoo Robin I invented Satellite Radio tell em Fred. I hope you enjoy reruns as Howard is going to broadcast 4 days a week soon and has lots of scheduled vacation time coming up.
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    XM vs Sirius Round TWo--Rock

    As rock goes my vote goes to XM Nothing on Sirius in the rock category compares to Lucy and Ethel and having Fungus as a pure Punk channel rather than a mix channel like Faction. Also the addition of Big Tracks is a huge plus in XM's column.
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    Useful XM links has great news and info for both XM and Sirius
  9. onsiteSat

    Useful Sirius Links has great news and info for both Sirius and XM
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    New portable Sirius?

    You lose, good day sir! Sirius does it again
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    Far North

    I think some of the Boats on "Deadliest Catch" have XM Radios.
  12. onsiteSat

    Far North

    Kenai looks like it just on the fringe for Sirius.
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    locking onto the XM satellite

    Thanks for that great info Uh-oh that pointing menu will really come in handy. Any idea what all those other numbers mean?
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    Rumor: Hugh Penero OUT of XM Soon

    Scott didn't you get the memo Lil Jimmys Birthday Is July 19th. :) My vote E-lo for CEO !
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    Sirius Commercial Account

    Yeah thats what I ran into. I called the reguar sirius activaton number and they gave me this bogus 1-866-347-4045 and all it does is ring busy.
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    Sirius Commercial Account

    Does any one have a web link or a phone number to activate a commercial account in a business?
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    Xm Or Sirius

    The XM antennas, especially the ones coming with the SkyFi2 and Roady Xt are quite small, about the size of a quarter. As opposed to the Silver dollar size (and shape) antenna that comes with the Sirius Replay. BTW. That’s pretty funny Shawn you commenting about the size of antennas, Look...
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    canada has strict rules for satellite radio

    Thats odd XM inked the deal so Opie and Anthony would be on in Canada. You would think that Sirius would try to follow.
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    How long has xm channel 153 been going?

    It was added during the XM Canada Launch
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    Installing XM universal tunerbox

    I got my hands on a XMD1000 universal Tunerbox. I am trying to install it in a 2005 Scion XB. I was told by some bonehead at the Toyota Dealership that the Terk XMDPIO100 adapter would work it has a adapter that looks like a stanard Pioneer "P" Plug, it makes sense because the Factory installed...