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    The ANSWER to last night's HD Poll

    2009 deadline That puts Dish in a good position to "convince" customers to switch to the new "Digital" mpeg4 satellite receivers. Un-informed subscribers worried about the government mandated digital broadcast switchover would probably pay to have Dish upgrade them to the new standard, even...
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    Univeral HD - no center channel??

    Same here no center channel or surrounds on BTTF but I do get it in Prologic analog.
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    ReelzChannel™ and Launch Today on TV and the Web

    Wow chill out buddy. the channel is running now.
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    When Is The Next Wave Of Hd Coming On E*

    Do we know the theoretical maximum number of channels dish can put on one spot beam transponder? Take for example the Phoenix market currently we have 4 locals ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX all on TP-18 SB-35 this market has 4 more HD "locals" KTVK ch3 Indp., plays Diamondback Home Games in HD (DirecTV...
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    New Dish receiver - DP422

    As posted 1/13/06 quick facts for the 622 and 222
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    NFL Update

    So your just gonna leave us hanging?
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    new HD channel when.

    I would guess at or after team summit
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    Is 622 upgrade hotline number still active?

    Its working as of 8:15 pm MST
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    What's up with BOOM in Spanish?

    Boommerang has a SAP feed make sure your rec's alternate language is not set to spanish
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    Hello DISH! (Comcast rates to go up effective June to $80.99/mth!)

    I love the 622 its a very good reciever sure it has its bugs but its waaaaay better than the 921.
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    Dish 1000 compatibility with DP34.

    yes I have also seen a DPP twin work with both DP 34 switches and DPP 44 switches although using this configuration can burn out the DPP twin
  12. onsiteSat

    Dish 1000 compatibility with DP34.

    yes that will work The dish 1000 has 3 sats and 4 reciever/tuner support
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    $100 for an HDMI cable?

    No. There are many decent brands. how long do you need?
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    Can I force Remote 2 on a 622 to trasmit or listen to IR instead of UHF?

    You could try to use a different "key" at the base of your remote.
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    "Limited" mode on remote?

    Take the tv code re-enter it and place a 1 after the code.
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    Quick Facts for 622 and 222

    Ive heard the relase date for the 222 should be sometime this June or July.
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    What happened to HGTV in HD

    The actual channel name is Home and Garden TV. And it is in Americas Top 60, HD bronze, Dish Family, and Dish Latino Dos.
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    Dish HD Demo Channel updated

    The new demo is on the dish HD Demo loop is up. The new demo is on the dish HD Demo loop is up. Channel 9443.
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    College Sports TV

    -bump- Nice blast from the past, and to think it only took Dish 2 1/2 Years to add this channel.
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    Repairs are $99?!?!?

    You can sign up for th $5.99 monthy plan and cancel it after the month is up there is no commitment to the warrenty plan. That being said it is nice to have for pice of mind, No S&H on Remote, LNB, and Reciever replacement and the discounted $29.99 Service Call. Iv'e seen worse. You could...