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  1. flampher

    61.5 Spotbeams poor this eve

    Is anyone having problems with the Spotbeams on this bird? My signals are terrible, and my local networks are poor. for instance transponder 5 is normally 86 and is now 37. tpd 13 is only in the teens.(That is the one my locals are on) The signals from the "new bird" are fine at 61.5.... 72 ,77...
  2. flampher

    Disappearing VOD ch 501

    I have been losing my VOD titles the last month or so and am now down to only 3 available on my VIP722. My 612 has 18. They have slowly been disappearing over the last few months. On line chat had me check switch,reboot, sent trip etc....Now they are saying a new receiver may be needed. Any...